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Wilcock ab mass arrests etc

See here original, but if no time read my short cut below:

Still hearing Euro and US dollar within weeks, not months, of collapsing. "All is lost" point approaching , before the changes will manifest. I have been told that the liens posted at Divine Cosmos against the Fed and its Europe allies are helping to accelerate these economic changes. The acting force is the 143-nation alliance backing the return of gold, seized from the world in the 20- 30s by the Fed.
I got 15-20 violently hateful messages a day, stopped reading them. Drake´s announcement of mass arrests of Cabal to occur before July 4th? Alex Jones and Limbaugh got similar info, but told to keep quiet. I did NOT hear similar info from any of my own insiders. I heard it was being done gradually - and doing it all at once, voted out. I highly doubt any arrests will happen until we see some real economic bloodletting first…in order to garner public support.
 The sources of Drakes info remain safely anonymous - whereas we could be publicly castigated. I asked Drake if he was used as a pawn by being told something like this. He did not rule it out. Or insiders were threatened with death… in effort to destroy the credibility of "mass arrests" …May be the "good guys," by this improve their tactical readiness; "shake the bush and watch all the snakes come out," as Drake has said before. Drake told me that his insiders said that "every light in the Washington DC offices was on all night" after the alert was issued -- and that they are now "scared and don't know what to do."
When the Euro and the dollar are “done”…they will not be able to stop the public from rising up, games will not hold off the 99 for very long, people will be very freaked out. You can help others stay calm… to emerge from this intact, and heal our planet.
Update 7/1: Assassination attempt against top insider by a very sophisticated bio-weapon … direct injection into the bloodstream to create rapid death. It will not show up in conventional blood tests. Antidote was manufactured, he is still being held under quarantine. At least two arrests are now imminent… He agree that whomever did this must be quite desperate. The intelligence community is divided now, between those who wish to do the mass arrests (the majority) and those loyal to the Cabal.
How curious it is that a "land hurricane" hit Washington, DC after Drake got word out! WASHINGTON (AP) Largest non-hurricane outage in history. "Dangerous situation," the governor said. Power has been knocked out until July 6th, and all cell phone communications down. May be the "good guys" gained control of HAARP  - and used it to knock down Washington, DC for the greater good??? The people would not be upset by seeing emergency personnel in disaster like this - ideal opportunity for arrests (most anyhow in W DC), to be brought to justice. We may not even know, at first, that anyone has disappeared….  The governments of Maryland, Virginia and D.C. have declared a state of emergency. Or just nothing, but a meaningless coincidence. Or divine intervention: the Google hit counter was at 6663, sign that the "good guys" are out there…
Update 7/1: Fulford attacked? Shortly after I got an alarming letter from Benjamin Fulford. Past Saturday (Friday) someone asked to shook his hand and jabbed him in the wrist with a small needle. Ben immediately sucked the wound and spit out fluids. He seemed to be fine afterwards. Ben asks: Hello, I would like to hear from the people who have the anti-dote. BJ.
The person dies of a seemingly natural heart attack after being violently ill. This takes 3-4 days to develop. The insider ended up with a soaring fever, bladder pain level "much worse than kidney stones", every 10 minutes, and nasty "explosive" diarrhea every 30 minutes, fungal infection and bacteria. Doctor gave Sulfamethoxazole,  two kind antibiotics, twice daily, saved his life, some kind of divine intervention, in my opinion. Alternatives: Echinacea / Goldenseal tincture. Olive Leaf Extract, oregano oil, osha root, turmeric powder. Drink a great deal of water, zeolites, liquid chlorophyll, 6 charcoal pills, hot detox bath, two. apple cider vinegar, a carton of Epsom salts and hydrogen peroxide liquid for each bath. Soak for as long as you can. Mega-dose all the vitamins, probiotics. Natto. Spirulina, super-green powder, fatty acids – Omegas, sashimi, enzyme supplements, get nutrition, walks. - David
My two different debit cards were compromised. The bank sensed fraud and put a complete freeze on my account. It was done by one of their own employees – who was then terminated!!!. Strange letter from my auto insurance carrier.
Update 7/2: Our site completely crashed this morning – were we hacked?
Update 7/3: Neil Keenan alive and the suit is going forward. A fake Facebook page…claiming to be Drake said, that Neil Keenan had died. I was just speaking with Neil on Skype, and can assure he is alive and well. His lawsuit was withdrawn…to be re-filed with much more damning information.
The most dangerous thing I did in Financial Tyranny was to blow the lid off of the real money in the insider world. I called it the occult economy. A new insider told me, they called it the "secondary market" as it is outside of the official world economy; the "primary market." The Asians have been systematically and totally locked out of the secondary market -- even though they have the historic rights to 85 percent of its collateral.
In order for money from the secondary market to be spendable in the primary market, Cabal-owned banks have to add zeroes into a primary market bank account. Ponzi scheme.The big secret about the secondary market is; all "trading" between goes central banks of various countries – all run by the Fed.
The deeper reality is that this was intended all along to create a global economic collapse - by utterly destroying the value of real money in the various nations of the world, through hyper-inflation. In Camelot circle, I soon found out the plan for the mass arrests was very real - ever since 9/11. Massive amounts of high-resolution surveillance videos, have been captured and turned into documentaries that will air once the arrests take place.
I was quite surprised to receive a mean-spirited attack from none other than David Icke, on his public website -- a man whose work I respect. I know the results of this investigation are hard to believe. Comment on article Icke linked to in his hit piece: Dr.F says: Really disappointed with Icke for going to such lengths to taunt Wilcocks, Drake and Fulford. Childish, to say the least. Has Icke forgot his treatment over the last 20 years…proclaiming himself Jesus??? Further, why is Icke so opposed to: when some people on the inside of the Cabal are good and are acting to remove the bad? Pick yourself up Icke.
Icke used the exact same strategy as the ugliest Cabal counter-intelligence guys - linking to a video called "David Wilcock Channels Ra." It is an illegal bootleg that was taken completely out of context.
Icke also linked to an article I once wrote in 2009, entitled "The Power Elite Do Not Control Obama." Obama had no idea what he had gotten himself into -- until the day all the presidents met before his inauguration. He was told what the President of the US really was -- little more than a paid shill for the Fed…. Extraordinary death threats have been given to Obama and his entire family.  I had high hopes for Obama to overcome these vested interests. In the early days of 2009, he really did push for the change…. Disclosure event was indeed planned for November 2009, to introduce ETs, but it was thwarted. Then he decided to go ahead with a Disclosure announcement in his Nobel Prize speech in Norway.
A giant spiral was created in the air -directly next to where Obama would receive his Nobel prize. I clearly proved that HAARP was being used at the time it occurred. I have since found out, that if Obama said anything during his Nobel speech ab ETs, the Cabal would create one of these HAARP microwave spirals in front of his plane. He would not survive. (Wilcock told earlier that the HAARP was used, but for difference purpose, DA)
Tonight, Neil Keenan told me he was contacted by David Icke, Jeff Rense and others, each of whom asked for exclusive interviews -- but were not granted any….
?The validity of this story was endorsed in an article on Veterans Today, one of the top military publications in the world.
It surprises me that there is so much division and discord amongst those who are all ultimately working on the same goal - to defeat the Cabal, and enlighten and free humanity in the process.
As soon as I finished writing this update, I had a quadruple-number synchronicity in the hit counter; 95555, compelling reason to believe in the guidance I am being given, and to ignore the voices of derision and hatred.
From David Wilcock text short cut, Didi Annapurna

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