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At least some news

Whistle blowers have hard times, Fulford: Leo Zagami, Daniel Dal Bosco, Vincenzo Mazzara have been recorded as saying they nearly got me killed when I was stabbed with a needle in June: according to the CIA and Swiss authorities. In addition, they say they have sent 6 individuals to Japan to kill me. In China the transition is going on The 9 members of the new politburo have been selected as previously announced.

The United States Corporation is scrambling to avoid bankruptcy when its September 30 fiscal year ends. Recent killing in France of Saad Al-hilli and his family was carried out because his company manufactured equipment capable of detecting nuclear weapons from the air... prevention of the recently planned nuclear terror attack on the London Olympics.

Reminder: On 21 September 2012 the Keshe Foundation will release the first phase of its space technology and the gravitational and magnetic systems to all scientists around the world simultaneously. The registration and the contact emails can be found here

China and Japan disputing over the Diayu Islands.  Some Japanese companies have decided to withdraw manufacturing as part of the protest and rising tensions. US  have agreed to a missile defense radar program. And India is putting in $18 billion worth of power grid improvements.

UFO Sightings Daily website: UFO shooting  "portal beams" at a diamond mine up in the arctic. Kim Holmen, told the BBC that the speed of the melting of Arctic ice was faster than expected. “If the ice is thinner there is more light penetrating and that light can heat the water.” Nasa: unprecedented melting of most of the Greenland ice sheet surface. However, Nasa also cites evidence that suggest similar wholesale melting events occur once every 150 years on average, and the last one was in 1889. DNA previously dismissed as “junk” are in fact crucial to the way our genome works. Patric Geryl expect next major quake, - around the 21st. 22nd.

The world's oceans will have less water in them, water will be saltier. NASA etc - high salt levels... if the oceans die... we die? Volcanoes in Indonesia and

"Oil prices up after attack on US consulate in Libya" ...The US was warned in advance, yet did nothing. Demands by the press for a review copy of embassy security video. Anti - Islamic movie created by an Israeli based in CA and Jew backed donors has sparked riots around the world - stirring up anti-American demos. Zionist Rothchild's mission accomplished! Divine and conquer. Netanyahu is worried about Israel’s October elections. Turmoil going on outside the US Embassy in YemenIn Israel there are rumors of huge military movements,Yom Kippur on the 25 th? Department of State web site of All U.S. embassies, consulates, and diplomatic missions world wide. US Embassy in Libya is in Tirana, not in Benghazi. Wikipedia list, Wont last long. Kerry Cassidy wandering: His death in Benghazi, it didn't seem to make sense. He was the ambassador in the capital Tripoli, not Benghazi. And the Jim Stone, via Project Camelot Livestream who claims the killings at the Libyan "embassy" never happened.

Now Asian intelligence agencies report(s) that a combined fleet operation between the US and China has been going on, against “highly unfriendly extra-terrestrial threat.”- Gordon Duff, Veteran's Today. Anti-US actions took place in Afghanistan this morning.
RIA Novosti: Putin Warns West’s Syria Policy could Backfire, “dangerous” stance on the Syria crises come back to haunt West.

Halliburton missing radioactive probe in Texas.And camera watching cameras. CBS News: A federal judge has ordered American Airlines and United Airlines to stand trial in a lawsuit that alleges the airlines’ lax security led to the 9-11 terror attacks.

Obama cancelling: Obama’s campaign website posted a photograph and a quotation in which Obama declared his mother was not married at the time of his birth. Obama campaign website and Twitter posting: 'Born to a single mom'.

Sinclear warning e-mail: US government will soon run out of funding options it will liquidate private 401k and IRA retirement accounts and force private retirement assets into treasury paper: They are already ‘sweeping’ segregated/allocated cash and gold accounts...

Sadly, not only has the Fed announced a new and unlimited round of stimulus measures, but the European Central Bank has also devised its own bond buying free for all: George Soros believes Germany’s heading for Depression within six months. “This is no longer a forecast. It’s an observation. Current policies are pushing Europe into depression, he said. China’s heading for a hard landing. The euro and EU are at risk. Soros spoke publicly on “The Tragedy of the European Union.”
Casper offers solutions: explosion of precious metals values to the upside thereby trapping and possibly collapsing those financial institutions assigned by the Cabal. Or collapse of the derivatives sector dependent upon those suppressed metals values. Or world at large ceases to use the FRN in oil trading switching to the Yuan as China has announced that their ‘Systems’ are now fully operational.

Several scholars think that this text is authentic: The Roosevelt-manuscript of conversation from Nov 26, 1941, which Hitler was able to get, short cut: Churchill tells on phone to Roosewelt  Japan is going to attack Pearl Harbor on eighth of December. Roosevelt:  I think that perhaps I can find a reason to absent myself from Washington while this crisis develops. What I don’t know can’t hurt me... Churchill says: We need every man and every ship to fight Hitler in Europe…India too. If the Japs get into Malaya, they can press on virtually unopposed into Burma and then India. Need I tell you of the resultant destruction of our Empire? We cannot survive on this small island, Franklin. And Roosevelt: I will be damned glad to be rid of the Philippines.
Food shortages could force world into vegetarianism, warn scientists
JFK's 'Moon Speech' Still Resonates 50 Years Later

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