tiistai 25. syyskuuta 2012

More science: Sarkar

Shrii P.R Sarkar and his oceanic creativity, Dr Asim K Duttaroy Faculty of Medicine, University of Oslo, Norway.

Shrii Sarkar was a great philosopher, social revolutionary, poet and linguist. Above all he was one foremost spiritual teacher of Tantra and Yoga of the twentieth century. Moreover he created a vast body of work that includes theories aiming to increase human welfare, The Progressive Utilization Theory - Prout, the Theory of Microvitum as well as the philosophy of Neo-Humanism.

The multi-coloured garland of humanity will be greatly enriched if different human groups blend together from a position of strength and independence, and out of genuine love for all human beings. His demand of social justice and his uncompromising moral stand against corruption and exploitation brought him huge suffering including imprisonment in India…

Human society is continually striving to arrive at a synthesis through analyses, some sort of unity through diversity… Noble persons of all countries, bound by fraternal ties, are eager to assert in one voice, with one mind, and in the same tune, the human society is one and indivisible. In this voice of total unity and magnanimity lies the value and message of eternal universalism.

In the field of science, Shrii Sarkar introduced the theory of Microvita, which has subsequently captured the interest of scientists around the world…The Microvita theory provides a link between the worlds of perception and conception and implies that the distinct disciplines of physics, biology and mathematics will merge in one science of understanding the real nature of the universe.

He expressed his views through all his creations poetry, songs articles, books, etc. He wrote over 100 books on subjects as diverse as mysticism, cosmology, sociology, history, education, yoga, medicine, ethics, psychology, humanities, linguistics, economics, ecology, farming, music and literature…

He taught the science of meditation for self realization directly or indirectly to millions of people. But most importantly through his personal example, profound philosophy, systematic spiritual practises and far-reaching service projects, he has been - and continues to be to this day – the sole inspirational drive for the universal mission… 

Sarkar: Intensive pharmaco-chemistry research will reveal the amount of microvita required to produce particular kinds of medical effects, and accordingly a scientist will be able to evolve accurate and effective formulae for various medicines. Naturally, the old and outdated formulae will be discarded.

Spiritual practice comes within the scope of science. The first scientist who invented this spiritual science was Lord Shiva, who was born about seven thousand years ago.