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Science and claims

Update from Keshe by Sterling D. Allan

With my previous stop in Europe taking longer than expected... I didn’t arrive at today’s lecture by Konstantine Meyl at the Keshe Foundation until after it had concluded. But I did get a chance to interview Keshe and Myel, according which:
  • Keshe announced that those who have previously purchased the 5kW generators (there were 10,000 pre-orders available) could expect them to be available some time in December. December 14 they will be holding a large event (6,000 seating), with demonstration: Full Space and Energy of the Technology. Astronauts, one of whom has landed on the Moon, are likely to attend. Keshe privately showed me a response from one of them, dated Sept. 20, confirming that he will be attending.
http://piotrbein.wordpress.com/2012/09/23/keshe-has-not-delivered-on-his-promises-for-21-9-2012/. BUT here’s an amateur video I shot of the concluding of the event and interview with Keshe and Myel:

Someone claims that there is 'Link between ice ages and magnetic reversals', meaning after magnetic pole shift Ice age to follow: Northern Europe would become uninhabitable, the American Midwest a dust bowl, Southern California dry. The risk is "quite possibly small," the Pentagon report, adding, "but given the dire consequences, it should be elevated beyond a scientific debate…: http://www.iceagenow.com/Magnetic_Reversal_Chart.htm.

At least twelve magnetic reversals can be linked to glaciation during the last three million years alone. 
We appear to be headed for another magnetic reversal right now.  When ice ages begin, they begin incredibly fast, leading into full-blown glacial severity in less than twenty years. The North Magnetic Pole is moving! Ice ages also correlate with 100,000-year cycle of magnetic activity of Sun. When the Sun is magnetically less active, there is a glacial period. Ice ages correspond to the cyclical variations in the Earth's orbit around the Sun.

It may not be long before you hear airport security screeners ask: "Do you plan on hijacking this plane?" A U.S. company using technology developed in Israel is pitching a lie detector small enough to fit in the eyeglasses, and its inventors say it can tell whether a passenger is a terrorist by analyzing his answer to that simple question in real-time.
First the Christian Science Monitor came out with a diamond story, Russians having lots of diamonds... and then UFO diamond mine-related story...QE3 is going to rise the price of gold?..Some titles from prisonplanet.com:.Signs of A Ruined Economy: More Ammo, Declining Dollar & Fake Gold. Fed’s quantitative easing will affect the US dollar and gold. Fake Gold Bars sold in NY. Business Insider: Manhattan Jeweler Wound Up With Gold Bars Filled With Tungsten. Business Insider; Peter Schiff, CEO Of Euro Pacific Capital: “The dollar is vulnerable to a massive collapse . . . buy gold and silver.”

Agriculture Minister and others are now sounding the alarm.

Judge Napolitano Reveals The Truth Ab The Fed On Fox News. Alt-Market finally being exposed in the mainstream media. Fed Balance Sheet Set to Explode. Plan to buy more treasury securities, only a few read the fine print.

Baltic Dry Index at 663. And Port of Long Beach was up 2.91% in August. But the Port of Los Angeles, inbound was down 4.1%. Oakland, inbound cargo there was down 7.4%. Seattle laden inbound was down 11.1%. On Facebook: "Number of days since the beginning of the financial meltdown: 1,502.  Number of bankers who have gone to jail: 0."

DHS’ bullet buying as well as developments in the Middle East. DHS Purchases 200 Million More Rounds of Ammunition. Anti-Muslim Film Setting The Stage For October Surprise? A resurgent neocon network is responsible for a new round of violent protests in the Middle East. West Attempts to Trigger Clash of Civilizations. Al Qaeda & Islamophobic bigots working in tandem exploiting fear and ignorance.

Fulford: According to MI5 and gnostic sources: Serbian extremists have been handed nuclear weapons by P2 lodge. During WW 2 the Nazis trained 750,000 agents for the Muslim Brotherhood for their plan to “merge all religion after Muslin-Christian wars”. They were sent to S-Arabia etc, to raise more Muslim extremist (under Bush Senior) ie Bin Laden. And Obama sent Frank Wisner II for “revolution” in Egypt. Egypt’s new Nazi puppet leader follows the script to fan religious extremism. The French Freemasons are planning M-C civil war in Marseille. Kolvenbach in Tripoli war field with Balestrieri, (P2 Lodge, one planner of the 911).

In Europe the P2 plot in public; Vatican, the EU and Goldman Sachs. The leaders of Greece and Italy, Papademos and Monti and Mario Draghi, ECB, all worked for Goldman Sachs, Rockefeller company. Monti, Draghi, Rumpoy all Jesuits. Pope also calling for a 'newglobal economic order'.  The P2 and allies were behind the Breivik mass murder in Norway. In Asia cabal plans are failing, but assassination efforts. Some key fascist players:

(Wander this” P2 plot” in Europe? But they have done some good job also – at least in the past - as they have helped many poor countries in EU to develop, like Poland farms, roads etc - or is it that here in Poland also poor people have become more poor and rich more rich as i.e in Finland? And what comes to planning to make millions people slaves or kill them in order to make their one world government, although some sick factions there might be making effort to do so, but hard to believe these European cults (freemasons, jesuits) and leaders are that much crazy. One way anyhow for that direction seems to be the federation effort of Europe, and who knows if they at one hand show up doing good things, while at same time plan according their crazy cultist ideas and goals in their minds. And lets remember Hitler has been mentioned to belong also in those cults. From here Poland things seem calm and people just doing their farmings etc. DA)

Plan for creating a new Asian financial capital in S-Korea and staffing it with Japanese slaves, Rothschild and Asian secret society claim. Kan told to media and diplomats that Fukushima nuclear plants did not go into full melt-down due to “divine intervention.”
Video was shown Tachikawa church sheltering Japanese self-defense forces who placed the nuclear bombs used in 311. man named Slasha Zaric (Alexander Romanov) under custody of the Japanese police testified that he participated in the nuclear attack arrangements. Also we now have direct forensic evidence (tapes, phone calls) linking the following individuals to the 311 nuclear and tsunami mass murder: Nakasone, Kolvenbach (he ordered the 311 attacks); Benjamin Netanyahu (recorded phone call to Kan threatening to blow up all of Japan’s nuclear plants unless Kan signed over $5 trillion of Japan’s foreign assets) and Senator J. Rockefeller who sent Kurt Campbell on March 9th 2011 to offer Japanese Ozawa the rights to nuclear waste clean-up material in Fukushima.

These people have in their possession a 500 kiloton Ukranian Granit nuclear missile purchased from Russian arms dealer Victor Bout. Mafia (not yakuza) boss Chiba Isao: money earned by illegally dumping nuclear waste in Asia was being used to finance the “rebels,” in Syria. Ongoing tussle over the rights to the global collateral accounts. They try to find a compromise between the different factions.

hinese Naval forces off California said to be on Joint UFO Suppression Mission
Now an Asian intelligence agency reports that a combined fleet operation between the US and China has been going on, a full combat operation against what we are told is a “highly unfriendly extra-terrestrial threat.”UFO tracking has been moved from conventional to nano-technology with microscopic sensors being used to detect behaviors such as dimensional rifts and distortions in time, things only discussed in TV shows like Fringe and X Files. After than, the internet had been flooded, yes, Google’s “YouTube” with manufactured phony UFO videos, http://www.veteranstoday.com/2012/09/17/ufo-war-chinese-and-us-navy-off-san-francisco/

The Tesla Fundraiser $1.1M:
Nikola Tesla: The patron saint of geeks? http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/magazine-19503846
To Keep Inventor’s Flame Bright, Fans Return to His Workshop:

Venezuela: 'No evidence' of Yanomami killing:
Libya: Unesco Calls for Stop to Destruction of Sufi Religious Sites: http://allafrica.com/stories/201208281214.html. The next generation of supersonic flight:

Scientists produce H2 for fuel cells using an inexpensive catalyst:
Uranium harvested from seawater: http://www.newscientist.com/article/dn22201-record-haul-of-uranium-harvested-from-seawater.html. Bioengineered Bacteria Pump Out Fuel for Cars:
Solar powered oven to cheaply freshen salt water: http://phys.org/news/2012-09-solar-powered-oven-cheaply-freshen.html. Flooded mines could supply 40% of Glasgow's heating:

UK paraplegic woman first to take robotic suit home:

Swedish Team Hunts For Ghost Rocket In Lake Nammajaure:
200-Year-Old 'Monster Larva' Mystery Solved:
Mammoth cloning hopes: http://news.yahoo.com/mammoth-fragments-siberia-raise-cloning-hopes-165221958.html. Sea Creature Unchanged for 500 Million Years:

Buddhism's Diamond Sutra: The World's Oldest Book:
Court orders recovery of 179 artifacts from US:

Space Mining Entrepreneurs Pitch Ideas to 'Invisible Obama' … and Romney:

JFK's 'Moon Speech'Resonates 50 Years Later:

Scientists: Arctic sea ice at lowest: http://www.usatoday.com/weather/climate/globalwarming/story/2012-08-27/arctic-ice-shrinks/57349212/1. What lies beneath the Antarctic:


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