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News, but old

I still dont have proper internet connection yet here in Poland, as my Malesian friend with Polish person organized it and simply it is not working. So you might have more fresh news than I have. I have strugled mentally to adjust but nothing seems to work out. Those English speaking people who stayed in the house moved out, and our members in neighbouring house moved out, my bank card didnt work first for some reason. Nobody really seems to speak english in the nearist city, students though, but they are too shy to speak. Anyhow I enjoy the place, and things will always turn all right when one gets over the fears that hamper things to go wrong. This is spiritual adventure and gradyally we are building spiritual collective here.
Fulford: News alert: military planes spotted dumping radioactive cesium near Fukushima  …in order to try to force the evacuation of greater Tokyo. Multiple Geiger counter readings around Fukushima: heavy rains have washed away most of the original radiation emitted following the March 11.
Fascist P2 lodge still pushing for a world fascist dictatorship. On the other side several groups all claiming they want to do good, but need to be in charge. Related to this ongoing struggle: Cardinal Martini, Vatican spy master, died. Sergey Sokolov, former Soviet Union’s armed forces head fired by Gorbachev, died. Moon, Unification Church leader, a powerful player in the Asian underworld and has a large ranch in Paraguay next to Bush. On a more positive note, former PM Kan Naoto of Japan revealed secrets about the 311 attack at a well-attended (but un-reported) press conference. See Weekly Geopolitical News and Analys.Read more http://benjaminfulford.typepad.com/
HaarpStatus.com, HAARP monitoring.  Shortwaves indicate near events, a high short spike usually means a short term major event is about to happen in that area. Longwaves and steady increases usually mean a large scale change is developing in the area that will effect a large area's upper level jet stream. M6 - M9 - Significant change is expected. Severe storms are associated. M10 – Tornados, hurricanes.
Patrick Geryl who got close enough to call last quake predictions a hit has sent me his latest hints as to what's ahead... urbansurvival.com
This was accurately predicted;
August 30, 2012: Mercury – Moon – Earth Lined Up
August 30, 2012: Neptune- Moon – Earth Lined Up
August 31, 2012: Sun – Moon – Earth Lined Up " 
September 2, 2012: Triple Line Up: Neptune – Earth - Mercury
August 30: earthquake 6.8 Jan Mayen Island Region
August 31: earthquake 7.6  Phillipine Islands Region    
December this year…???
December 16 - 18, 2012: Triple Line Up Jupiter – Earth – Mercury (strong
December 21, 2012: Conjunction Saturn - Venus and the Sun
December 20 – 24, 2012: Triple Line Up Neptune - Mars – Mercury (strong December 22)
December 21 – 24, 2012: Triple Line Up Jupiter – Earth – Venus (strong December 22 - 23)
December 23, 2012: Line Up: Saturn – Moon – Earth
December 25, 2012: Line Up: Jupiter – Moon - Earth
Patrick Geryl" website
According Patrick Geryl´s doomsday total of 10-20 million people (out of 7-billion) will survive!!!
Geryl is looking for a Sept 20'ish major quake Angry Sun?
Clif's project try and save human knowledge in written form!!!... Space aliens would show up to watch…NBER economist(s) figured out that almost half of Americans die broke
While the MSM has been wailing about West Nile cases on the rise, shocking rise globally in TB cases. World Enders... last year on this date we had a discussion about worlds ending,
Here in the northern California foothills we are used to unusual sounds; gun shots, unmuffled off-road vehicles. But recently, we've been hearing the large booming sounds. Similar to thunder, or dynamite going off far away, but enough to shake the windows/walls.---SoCal quake swarm this week,
Gaye's got a list of 40-barter items to have handy next year, if you're up 5,000 feet or more, by Patrick's work (which fits with Clif's global coast event outlook...).
A global insurer updates a "Knowledge Blog" which outlines perceived "tipping points" around the globe. Intel Hub "Russian expert predicts Obama will declare martial law in US by end of 2012".  We note the author's the chief editor of "Occupy Corporatism…. 
"Having spent 7 years checking the USGS maps daily I am finally convinced that the BIG one may be here is weeks if not days and that maybe why such large amounts of ammo have been purchased lately.
Raging Grannies "Legitimate Rape" going viral on YouTube btw...
A $300 eMotiv headset to figure out when people are telling the truth? Already scientists are hacking people's PINs using the gear. Alexander Higgins site claiming "Vets are being round Up Nationwide, People Everywhere Just Disappearing."
Jakarta... The world’s major religions seem to go through major internal upheaval at around 1,500 years, and Islam appears to be aiming to keep the streak going). things could start to heat up internally for the world’s Muslims.
Wilcock thinks both the defeat of financial tyranny and the disclosure of ETs are coming to a head at end of this year. Disclosure articles appearing in mass media.But see Wilcock page it is inspiring: http://divinecosmos.com/start-here/davids-blog/1078-2012shift
David´s Source Field book goes global: paperback - and now as "The Hidden Science of Lost Civilizations" in the UK, N-Zealand and Australia. In Finnish Lähdekenttä: Katketty Tiede Ja Kadonneet Sivilisaatiot. David in 7 different episodes in Season Two  of Ancient Aliens.
David mentions that we are the pioneers to bring the truths out now which according him means fastest progress is made when you have to take the "leap of faith"…And quantum leap; - "fourth-density photons" around the Earth close in December, which causes thoughts to become real. He recommends we should make now a big push for the defeating of financial tyranny, and Disclosure – in order to create massive spiritual growth in humanity. The others are able to come along only when it is easier to see and accept the truth.
Law of One and 2012: The Facts! David´s new book, The Synchronicity Key. Short cut of Wilcock´s “reading” on Dec first, 2011: Eventually, the goal is to merge with the cosmic Oneness… reclaiming your spiritual destiny…Take a few moments each day to remind yourself of the limitless potential that you already possess. Look to the future, the glory - the destiny of those who would want to serve others. Maintain a positive attitude in the midst of turmoil, difficulty and stagnation …within the third density illusion. The entirety of the physical universe is a magical tapestry wrought by the hand of the Creator, for the purpose of experiencing Itself...The book of Maklumat etc will be instrumental in unraveling the mysteries that have plagued your civilization at this time…there is ten times the gold that exists off the records. We do not necessarily recommend selling your gold if you have any, but neither would we recommend buying it at this stage, due to the events that will transpire...You will need to see the apparent collapse of civilization first, before these changes can fully surmount the existing world order. The unveiling of certain truths is gradual....“Karma” means; you measure it out to others, so shall it be measured unto yourself. There can be no further way to distance yourself from the goal of ultimate reunion with the Divine than to knowingly hurt, manipulate, deceive or attack others. Important forgiveness of self. You need not worry about where you step if your mind is pure, and the goal is kept close at hand.
Wilcock mentions still: The Phoenix event after the big election??? -- we may have seen some real action by then, if certain things I've heard are true.
http://www.wealthwire.com/news/finance/3659 warning: Get Your Money Out: "All Legal Bank Deposit Protections Are Now Officially Gone".... This latest ruling combined with recent actions by the Fed and regulators suggests the financial system is under extreme strain with the potential to make the financial collapse of 2007/2008 look like just a training exercise.
The Fed also implemented a new policy for money market funds held by financial institutions… can be frozen in the event of an emergency or financial panic. This point to one thing: that we have an unprecedented financial collapse in the making. ..Possible coming food shortages explain the recent mass bullet purchases @ DHS & others. Protest email 2 the White House demanding the use of corn 4 food & 4 livestock instead of 4 the mandated ethanol w/ be a good idea.
U.S. stock market computerized trading…few humans are actually involved in the decision to buy or sell large blocks of shares. Zero Hedge: From Chicago To New York And Back In 8.5 Milliseconds: ... Clearly, this is legalized fraud, embezzlement.
...Central banks and governments intervene as buyers to trigger rallies and put floors under declines. It is a poorly kept secret that "plunge protection teams" are doing the buying. U.S. stock market´s operations are opaque, invisible, and hidden from the citizenry and non-Elite human traders.
A new 'alert' has been issued following Drake's latest message. Apparently Nancy Pelosi has been arrested and the mass arrests are starting. Odd that there's only 8 people on this mass arrests list, all members of the Obama administration. Drake himself didn't say Pelosi was arrested. A caller claimed that she had been, and, 'Minuteman' confirmed. Nordea bank: Finland is now in recession.
Some titles: Alien Planet? NASA found 41 New Exoplanets:
NASA Engineer´s Family Living On Mars Time:
Mysterious 'UFO' zooming across Mars' horizon:
Dark Matter Exposed? Gamma-Ray Find Excites Scientists:
3D movies with no glasses?
Self-charging battery generates and stores energy:
Ore. wave power project gets federal permit:
Technique to synthesize nanocrystals for harvesting solar energy:
Scientists produce H2 for fuel cells using an inexpensive catalyst:
Biofuel from biomass… discovery to manipulate 'hot' microbes:
Stone Age skull-smashers mystery:
Human civilization started in Iran???
Oldest Bones from Modern Humans in Asia?
Was there a Harappan State?
Teotihuacan City of Pyramids:
Japan's 'last ninja':
Bonobo genius makes stone tools like humans used to do:
Medical scan images of ancient Egyptian mummies:
Israeli archaeologist unearths secrets of Nazi death camp:
Antactic now almost as warm as 12,000 years ago:
Ancient Tech Helped People Survive Global Warming:
Researchers study Dead Sea climate past, finding dramatic results:
Folded DNA, Trojan horse to attack cancer:
Watson: Supercomputer to diagnose disease:
Tiny exotic snail colonizing Earth?
'Baywatch' Star Abandons Search for Noah's Ark Fearing Abduction:
How to Leave Your Body:
Location of the mind a mystery:

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