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‘Higgs Boson’ or God Particle and Mictovitum
• In 1900, the physicist Max Plank gave a theory which explains the nature and behavior of matter and energy on the atomic and sub atomic level. This “Quantum Theory” forms the basis of modern physics. In 1905, Albert Einstein theorized that not just the energy but the radiation itself was quantized in the same manner.
“Wave Particle Duality”;.In 1924, Luis de Broglie proposed that elementary properties of both energy and matter behave like particle or wave particle depending on the conditions.
• In 1927, Werner Heisanberg proposed that precise, simultaneous measurement of two complementary values – position and momentum of sub-atomic particle is impossible. This became known as “Uncertainly Principle”. On this Einstein comments – “God does not play dice”.
The Quark Model was independently proposed by Physicist Murray Getmann and George Zweig in 1964. According to them, a Quark is an elementary particle and a fundamental constituent of matter.  Quarks combine to form composite particles called Hadron; protons and neutrons. The Quark has properties such as electric charge, colour change, mass and spin. It is sub-atomic and indivisible particle. 
On July 4, 2012, ALTAS at CERN (European Organisation of Nuclear Research) presented results on the search for the “Higgs Boson” or “God Particle”. CERN is searching for; the origin of mass, extra dimension of space, unification of fundamental forces, evidence of “dark matter candidates” in the universe etc.

Scientists wanted to know the sub-atomic particles which have played vital role in the creation of universe after ‘Big Bang’. 45 years ago, Peter Higgs (University of Edinburgh Theorists) along with his 5 colleague scientists proposed that there are sub-atomic particles which is the only physical evidence of an ‘Invisible Force Field’ or ‘Cosmic Molasses’. This sub-atomic particle was given a name i.e. Higgs Boson’, popularly known as ‘God Particle’.
According to the conclusion of scientific research, without this ‘Higgs Boson’ or ‘God Particle’: Life would not be possible, Atom would not exist and Elementary forms of matter would zip around at the speed of light. This particle’s mass is ab125.3 giga billion electron volts and they permeate in all spaces.
It is amazing to see that while the scientists search for origin of life, Shrii Ranjan Sarkar gave his discoveries already 28 years ago on these mysterious living particles which are playing vital role at the creation of carbonic and non-carbonic atoms and molecules which are responsible of the creation, maintenance and destruction of all form of life in the universe. Shrii Sarkar named these particles 

 Shrii Sarkar said that: ”Our task is gigantic and we are to start our research work regarding Microvita (Microvitum in plural) immediately without any further delay, otherwise many problems in modern society will not be solved in a nice way”. I wish the scientific community and physicists of modern times would pay attention to the hints and principles given by Shrii Sarkar. I am sure the theory of Microvita will further enlighten the scientists to lead their research work in exploring the mysteries surrounding - the creation of universe, evolution, preservation and annihilation of life, satellite, stars and planets.

Microvita is a mysterious emanation of cosmic factors. When characteristics or other particulars of an entity are not known to us, we say it is mysterious. Microvitum is sub-atomic particle subtler than atom, electron, proton, neutron or positron in the realm of physicality and may be subtler than ectoplasm in psychic realm. Microvita have got nothing to do with carbon molecules or carbon atoms, and are not of photoplasmic order. Hence, the question of their protozoic structure or metazoic structure does not arise. So far as physicality is concerned the position of Microvita is just between electron and ectoplasm but they are neither ectoplasm nor electron.
These Microvita may be broadly divided into three categories; 1) Those coming within the scope of microscope. 2)  Those coming within the scope of perception as a result of their actional vibration. 3)  Those coming within the scope of a the reflection of conception within the periphery of perception – that may be felt by persons having spiritually oriented highly developed minds.
What people call ‘virus’ is really Microvita of crude order. Microvita are not the blind force. They have the support of conscience behind. Microvita are the doer portion of the cosmic arena. That is why it is responsible for the creation of life.
Atoms have two parts – the cruder part and the subtler part. Microvita also have two parts – the cruder part and the subtler part. The subtler part is closer to idea and the cruder part is closer to the matter. Microvita are living entity and their bodies are as subtle as idea. Microvita brings spirit closer to matter (for research into the subtler part of atoms, psycho-spiritual practice is needed). Research in physical laboratories cannot be done on that aspect of Microvita which helps in the creation of life. They exist in the world of idea as well as crude world. Microvita are happy blending of matter and idea. 
They are created in that phase of creation when there is decrease in inter-molecular and inter-atomic spaces and increase in chemical affinities and when matter particles are powered down due to intense clash and cohesion in the material body. That pulverized particles are subtler than even electron. If matter is powered down, we get Microvita and when Microvita could be powered down, we can get idea.
In CERN laboratories, they actually collide highly charged accelerated protons in a Large Hadron Collider (LHC) and break them up into sub-atomic particles to find evidence of unique ‘Higgs Boson” or “God Particle” through powerful microscope or detector known as CMS.
Properties; Carbon and non-carbon, both get their structure from Microvita. Billions of Microvita get solidified to form a carbon atom. An atom has a nucleus around which electron revolve. The weight of an atom is decided by the mass of its nucleus and Microvita provides mass to the atomic particles. Microvita is the initial stage of matter. They are transmuted into matter and matter is transmuted into Microvita. Microvita is closer to the realm of idea than matter. If atom is constituent of matter, idea is the constituent of Microvita. 
Microvita move unbarred throughout the space without caring for atmospheric conditions. Microvita are the carrier of life in different stars, planets, satellites. Microvita are the creation in the interphase of cosmic expression. Microvita passes through the medium of five interferences - sound, touch, vision, taste and smell. They also pass through various planes of inferences and propensities.
Microvita can change the temperature of mass, can bring about radical charge in physic wave, wave length, hormonic secretion and its movement, metamorphosis and transmutation in mass….If the movement of Microvita is from subtler plane to crude plane, it depraves and deteriorates the human mind or the standard of human conduct, but if the movement is towards a subtler plane, towards the subtler inferences of cosmic light, than it helps human beings, it helps spiritual aspirants to attain the goal.
Microvitum are of three types:1) Positive 2) Negative 3) Neutral (ordinary). Negative Microvita function in a better way in the physical and physico-psychic strata on their own through nature and positive Microvita, in the psychic and psycho-spiritual strata through specially created waves.
Microvita exist, multiply and die but they are not directly related to carbon atoms or carbon molecules. Microvita have no direct relationship to pollution, however they do have an indirect relationship. Microvita of a circular variety may function within the scope of the crude mind staff (Kamamaya Kosa). Negative Microvita can cause immense harm in the collective sphere not only of different planets, but of the entire cosmos.
The harmful effect of Negative Microvita is destroyed by the air of the Margosa Tree (Neem Tree). Milk is turned into curd through Microvita…but if curd remain exposed to heat for more than 48 hours, then the Positive Microvita decompose and change into Negative Microvita.
Microvitum requires space in theory, but not in the realm of physicality…Microvita are our friends and they are also our enemies. If controlled by good people, Microvita are our friends and if controlled by bad people Microvita are our enemies. According to the degree of subtlety, some Microvita occupy ethereal space, some occupy psychic space and some occupy supra-psychic space.
When a few Negative Microvita penetrate our bodies, we feel very uneasy but when millions of negative Microvita enter the body it does not take more than a few seconds for even an elephant to die.
When friendly Microvita enter our body and mind, we have a comfortable feeling. Ordinary or neutral Microvita become more active in the night when human beings are asleep.
As Microvitum is the minutest entity, it cannot have a structure like that of an atom or a solar system. By nature, it is more energy than matter. Positive Microvitum is pro-ectoplasmic. It is more ectoplasmic than matter.  Negative Microvita is pro-materialistic – it is more matter than mind, than ectoplasm. Even the sex of a person can change due to the application of positive or negative Mictovita.
Originally written by By Ac. Siddhayoginanda Acadhuta, I have short cut it a bit.
Update: then there comes the claim by India scholars: 

http://articles.timesofindia.indiatimes.com/2012-10-09/science/34342395_1_higgs-boson-god-particle-claims; Kumud Das, TNN Oct 9, 2012. CERN told the world that it has found the god particle, but Higgs Boson is an Indian discovery mentioned in Vedas 18000 years ago; Golden Embryo Hiranyagarbha, which appear in the womb of atom. It constitutes the foundation of the creation by imparting mass to elementary particles. Says Dr Trivedi, Department of culture, Govt of India….and explain that the invisible space bind the nucleus, giving mass to the particles, allowing them to clump together to form stars and planets. It has been demonstrated on the seal. In the beginning rose Hiranyagarbha, born only Lord of all created beings Rig. 10-121-1. The book: Quest of Creation Higgs Boson; God particle and Vedas, Germany.

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