keskiviikko 11. huhtikuuta 2012

Life came from Mars

Did I wrote already before, anyhow shortly: In the book Who is afraid of Tantric Guru, Ac Dharmavedananda wrote: Sarkar told about one million years ago our planet earth saw its first human beings. While visiting Fiesch in Switzerland Sarkar pointed to one mountain and said that the very first human being was born there in zero degree temperature, while the surrounding low areas were hot, the mountain climate was conducive for this auspicious moment. (Dharmavedananda adds; During Sarkar´s talk there were uniformed people with parabolic shaped machine in some distance. One person told that was sound detective device used for listening over long distances by the secret police to pick up conversations. Who was interested of Sarkar´s interplanetary talks?)

According some other writings Sarkar has said: Life cells migrated to the peaks of Alps from Mars and Sarkar advised that archaeologists could trace the evolution of living cells and the different species of plants, animals and human beings there.

Now the scientists also speculate on that possibility. In the book Unknown life by Peter Ward, the NASA scientists Kkirschvink and Weiss claim that the life on earth could have started in Mars. Mars was more suitable for life that time. According Melosh half ton of stones falls every day on earth from Mars. Microbes survive the trip as well as amino acids. In Los Alamos the scientists tested that the amino acids could “fly” safely and end up alive to earth. We might be Marsian.

Sarkar: According to old astronomy and also astrology, Mars also came out of this Earth, but it did not move around the Earth as its satellite. And that is why a name for Mars is Kuja: Shani raja Kuja mantrii (Saturn is the king, Mars is the minister). Ku means earth and Kuja means born out of ku…All the planets – earth, Mars, Mercury, etc. – have come from the sun.