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More from David Wilcock with Drake

Drake interview transcript and see my previous article: Drake Claims of Independent United States? The military is needed in order to have a successful change. Interview 28.3

Foster Gamble distributes free of charge the movie "Thrive", which is about on reducing Earth's population for easier to control, Apr 5, 2012: Official THRIVE:

Operation Northwoods 1962; the US government considered terrorizing its own cities to provoke a war with Cuba. Wikipedia has it too. Kennedy turned the Operation down. Drake has contacts to every significant group in this alliance (US marshals et all, which is planning some kind of coup attack or revolution).

They have done Notification process to free nations states: DK: and to  to bring down NWO, Illuminati. People of Pennsylvania are now independent nation-state and same with most of states in US. So US has been set free on basis of ancient Ecclesiastic, Canon Law and Common Law; recognized internationally;

Drake K: They were (the marshal alliance) extraordinarily frustrated by freakazoids such as the Hare Krishnas, who were dancing in California at the time. They didn't want those people running the country, because they would not do that great of a job. They tried to find somebody to stand up to do in terms of freedom.

On the day that our package (Notification) landed in the International Court they understood (the cabal) they are no longer under protection, thus there have been thousands of resignations. In Europe last week 650 resignations and arrests. And tons of banks closed, or reopened. Because of these vacations…there is immediate need for people to take jobs to keep the function of the structure.

US Marshalls are in between the civilian and the military and superior to NSA. The NSA functions outside of the Common Law / Constitution. Air marshals under TSA: If martial law would be declared by cabal, then 90 % military will go home with their guns.

Mass arrests (by the marshals alliance) is to go viral on the Internet. Air traffic is to be blocked. Military allow to close off national borders, because crooks would take every last dime with them when they decided to run for the hills.

During great fall of the stock market in’08, trillions dollars were sent out of the country… until they (the marshalls) cut communications, otherwise it would have been a 1933 all over again. The reason the satellites are going to be turned off now, is to protect us from that possibility. And a secondary sweep will probably take another 5 or 6 days, because they cabal try to blow up records. DVDs will be airing on television for 5 days to educate people about everything they need to know… about the origins and doings of these guys. At the end of the first 72-hour period a public announcement will be made from White House about rebirth of the country.

DW: The Zoroastrians said that we’re going to go into a period where the time and the nature of our reality changes into Golden Age. Hindu prophecy is that great saviors would come to the planet, turn things around in dramatic fashion and evil would be wiped out.

DK: Oath Keepers; listed on Unallied nations have their own financial system. Friday they tested it, Saturday for real and turned it on Monday. The 140 non-allied nations stepped outside of the G5, G20, and prevent these bad guys hold of any finance. This is the reason that the Eurozone is having such troubles and that the US is looking real "iffy". The Euro is close to collapse, dollar then after two weeks… There are old funds held by US patriots enough to pay our national debt. The education, the tax, the money system will change. (But later he contradicts; the US can't pay its debt; therefore, the currency is going in the toilet, to be replaced with something of equitable value. There's going to be barter and trade.)

Dollar will change from "debt instrument," to an "equity instrument ", based one-to-one type of ratio of exchange for the little guy. JP Morgan, Citi, and Bank of America might just collapse and couple of extraordinarily large financial splits coming up in these secret societies…

Stargates are real, used for years. Also food replicators have been around for a long time: Somebody's hungry; if you want a steak, it makes it out of matter. You don't have to slice up cows anymore. A materializer or a constructor works also with the mind, no need to speak the command. You just think food and you get it. No plunking down coins.

Mass arrests in the US, but might not happen in other countries. The European are not actually resigning and surrendering, but taking permanent foreign vacations, simply walking out after collecting the family and bag full of money. There are going to be hangings; jumping out of windows; gun fights. But police state is not going to exist as it does now, the Common Law doesn't allow that.

And there’s been whole armies that have had misfires, soldiers pull the trigger and it goes clink? Its like movie; The Day the Earth Stood Still. So they’re passing executive orders and doing all this crazy stuff in this last gasp, which is ironic, as it will bring about their own demise. The only thing you’re hearing about is Obamacare, but no real news anymore.

DW: Yes, there’s been over forty events in just the last few months; guns jamming on the battlefield etc. You can look at in the mainstream media right now more this: cruise missiles that won’t fire, bunker-buster bombs that won’t go off, tanks that won’t start! It’s unbelievable, the scope… the aliens are making sure that this plan will succeed. Our most advanced secret Drone was flying over Iran; Iran gained control of it, and landed it intact. US Government begged Iran to give it back! See

The majority of these cabal people actually don’t want to be in it. But, they know they would be killed and tortured if they left, so they shouldn’t be persecuted and the death penalty should never be done.

To prevent massive worldwide panic attack in the early stages of it - you’re the ones who now have the charge, help other people get prepared, don’t freak out, no matter what’s going on. I have also now had dozens of dreams of mass arrests, urging me to get involved, and saying this is a very positive step that will free us from Financial Tyranny. A lot of the media is going to be replaced.

So please post forward anything, but link to: Final version of DIVINE INTERVENTION soon out. Follow also

Sarkar: In the future a synthetic food tablet may be enough to satisfy a person’s hunger. The production of abundant quantities of such tablets in scientific laboratories will remove the disparity between the rich and the poor… Future generations will spend more of their time and energy on subtle psychic and spiritual activities, so their demand for physical food will decrease.

The cry, “Peace! Peace!” has become a craze in the world today. Can anything be achieved by such cries? There is no way to establish peace except to fight against the very factors which disturb peace… Thus, those who are keen to establish sentient peace must endeavor to acquire strength. It is impossible for goats to establish sentient peace in the society of tigers.

Thus, in case of any invasion, if the leaders of the invaded country are really keen to establish peace, they should fight against the imperialistic motive of the invading country...If the human race is to survive, if millions of innocent lives are to be saved, it becomes the duty of the apostles of peace to utilize more powerful weapons than what they have at present.

The confederation will, however, have some executive power for limited and defined purposes, namely, for maintaining inter-federal peace and tranquility and for settling inter-planetary disputes...There should be rational acquisition and rational distribution of mundane property, otherwise the peace and tranquility of society will be disturbed.

When the mind becomes intoxicated with the thought of the Infinite, then the finite mind transcends its own limits and loses itself in a state of endless peace. This is the highest attainment.
Didi Annapurna