keskiviikko 11. huhtikuuta 2012

Prama Dharma of the West and East

In order to change the world better we need spiritual development – realization of self; service and collectivity. Spritual prana dharma; infinite, spiritual happiness with one goal of united intentions - if people have different goals it disperses their power. During pilgrimage - if one is sick and lacking behind, others will take care. For better prana dharma in society things needed: proper use and distribution of resources; social outlook – scriptures and discipline; preceptor – the one starting the new society, inspiring, having clear goal and awareness.

In the world pseudo culture is common; until few years ago the American values has been vastly admired and even “sold” into many countries intentionally. Books from US were distributed free in order to bring American values into education in Philippines. Germany´s prama dharma is intellectual and disciplined, which perhaps made people to obey the warrior type Hitler. But in the present world there is more people starving to death in one year, than Hitler ever killed. Holocaust of poor people is going on at present time also, as national constitution is seldom guaranteeing purchasing power to all of its citizens.

Canada has free healthcare, US never had. US dream has changed into materialistic and independent outlook. Before in the US, the rich ruled locally and were confronted easily by the locals, but when the system became centralized on national and federal level, the people are no more able to confront the culprits. The centralization was done by voting. There are two parties in US and both handled by business people. US war wagings are rather invasions. Elections are personality and money games. Martin Luther King restored prana dharma of black people of US.

Some ideas ab Prana dharma of different countries: Finnish people are inferior, determined, honest, having hardworking mentality. Sweden has created basic necessities with ease, easy going people? Russian people are victimised, but ever climbing up. The Caribbeans are no worry people. Africans helpless, but relaxed. England the warrior has settled down comfortably. Just my valuations! These qualities will become mixed in the future, when one human prana dharma arises, the spiritual one, which will have similar characteristics as ancient Indian spiritual prana dharma.

Spiritual group can create its own prama dharma and be an example for others. Slowly universally spiritual practises can become common. Then sadvipras the spiritual leaders can arise. Then becomes possible to create classless society with people having quite equally qualities of different cultures and classes such as warriors (ruling), workers (physical), intellectuals and financers - all the classes will be developed in each person.

Sarkar spoke about two kind of leaderships: One is irrational leadership, wanting to lead you in order to control and even benefit from you – another is rational leadership wanting to lead you in order to help and elevate you. Newspapers don´t write against exploiters, because reporters have got their base on capitalist system and the newspapers are also financed by capitalists. The fear mongering common in Western countries prevent any effort of looking forward towards new solution. Sarkar opposed punishment policy – he believed in rectification. Society makes the criminals. It is not fault of criminals alone. If you kill a criminal, his karma will bring him back into next life and he might then kill you!

How to change the society into spiritual prana dharma? Each country should start from education, spiritual upliftment and creating classless society. The constitution should cover physical, mental and spiritual development. Thus constitution should build up better society and make sure the disqualified people can´t take over.

PROUT does not reject the western educational system. But it has failed to inculcate a sense of morality. India used to have spiritual prana dharma: According Sarkar; Gurukula used to be the centre for education. After Mahabharata time (Khrisna´s time ab 4500 ago) almost all the children from 5-25 were sent to Ashrams for 20 years with Guru - detached from their families. They became spiritual and disciplined. After that they became householders. And after 50 years old they withdraw into caves and dedicated their life totally to spirituality. Spirituality was highly regarded in the society and daily life and sadhus were common. That time people were humble and noble. Everything changed when the Muslims, English and the capitalists destroyed the Indian spiritual prana dharma.

We should inspire people each and everyone to become spiritual and radical - then automatically the life and the world prana dharma will change better.


Didi Annapurna