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Wilcock: Liens Prelude to coup for the welfare of humanity?

This is short cut of Wilcock´s latests posting on 13.4-12: He wants to get it posted as far and wide as possible in order to avoid people getting into panicking, rioting and chaos when things turn real...US marshals from the Department of Justice and peace officers might soon carry out mass arrests, with the assistance of military.

It is a full-stop Game Over for the cabal. For ab three days all flights and borders closed, to prevent the conspirators from fleeing. NO mass power outage, unless cabal do. Some cuts on Internet and phone calls on necessity, to avoid trillions flying out. TV coverage.

A good friend of mine died this week. Four days before he dropped off a package with DVDs of classified info. Coincidence? A sudden grief process - worldwide also - if deaths occur. Mass worldwide post-traumatic stress disorder as everyone have been living in a lie, due to fear of truth.

After 8 years of correct "dream readings" for 500 clients and proved dreams on my webside; I.e; "Hack Attack," BP oil spill". Fukushima, I have hundreds of dreams on massive worldwide arrests of this Cabal (i.e 1999 Readings section of and its tremendous positive benefit to humanity.

Super Bowl and the Grammy Awards had blatant Luciferian ritual shows and day after Whitney Houston´s death Egyptian sarcophagies were on sides of the entrance. How did they already have them? Video reveals at 33-second mark; 33 has key ritual importance to the Cabal.

The world's biggest banks are under the umbrella of the Fed and BIS, which are controlling 80 % of all the money of the world. See Wilcock: Financial Tyranny. Two million 420 937 tons of gold. The occult economy has dollars in thousands of quadrillions, and trillionairies.

Occult economy money had to be converted into the public economy. The banks have been controlling this process all along. As of last fall, most of these accounts have been closed - by "good guys" like SEC; reason that so many CEOs have resigned. Also many disappointed "traders" who put real money in are now "broke." They can´t whine about losing their illegal "money" in public. Many of them are now running out and grabbing whatever cash they can on the way out.

When black money has no records: This is why Rumsfeld announced 2.3 trillion was missing from the Pentagon's budget - just one day before 9/11. This is why the Fed had to create 26 trillion dollars' in the public economy, after the 2008 collapse.

The plan was twofold: First; Cabal members to feel as Gods of earth. Secondly A Ponzi scheme with tons of gold "on deposit," as collateral was designed to destroy the public economy beyond repair. Then, a global Luciferian dictatorship would be installed.

Fulford has been discussing of new plan, for years now. The Fed stole Asian gold by vastly lying to its owners. As the price of gold goes up, more bonds are issued - to the gold they originally put on "deposit" with the Fed / BIS (Indonesia). The Fed's charter for these accounts expired in 1998.

Neil Keenan - ended up being signatory controller of the Collateral Accounts. He is cooperating with Fulford and "White Dragon Society." KEENAN now: Strange things are happening in Indonesia. New Dollar is supposed to be backed by Gold - and he who has the Gold will once again control the system. This has caused fierce competition: Rothschild and Dupont flew to Indonesia to try and illegally move the assets. Now David Cameron, the Prime Minister of England, has his eyes set on the Gold.

LONDON (MarketWatch) - British PM Cameron on Wednesday continued his four-day tour of Asia, bringing his trade mission to the capital city of Jakarta the same day as an 8.7-magnitude earthquake rattled the broader region.
Cameron pledged British support to Indonesia just as it was struck by an 8.6 magnitude earthquake, Cameron: “I am here with two objectives: to achieve a step change in trade and investment between Britain and Indonesia and to build a partnership with Indonesia”.

KEENAN: The Indonesian Central Bank met with the English, discussing the Collateral Accounts. The English are making a push to steal whatever they have not stolen during the past 300 years. Me Keenan, and my associate Scott (as the Collateral Account holders), we intend to establish a trust, these funds to be utilized for the healing and transformation of this planet and releasing of formerly-classified technologies. The "good guys", mostly Pentagon, are behind everything we do. On the other hand, the Indonesian Government has refused all cabal offers. The cabals all left empty-handed.

WILCOCK: April 9th, 2012, Fulford posted an astonishing trick on his blog. Though Fulford had previously supported the real Dragon Family (Asian gold owners) as one of his top allies, now he was suddenly saying they were actually working for the bad guys!!! It appears that both the so-called “dragon family,” and the “harmonious world banking system” are just the same criminal godfathers that Bernanke and Geithner have always worked for. They are now claiming they have 600 trillion dollars inside the Fed Board computers, ready to be used for “humanitarian projects worldwide.” The problem is that the same crooks who have been doing all evil acts are now saying they will be doing good.

But later complete retraction on his blog: I have been given new information about the "Dragon family." There is a geniune Dragon family that is based on Asian royal bloodlines. They have been setting up a benevolent new financial system.

What has happened is that the Feds, Bernanke, Geithner, Bush, Rockefeller, Rothschild bosses last week approached Japan Ministry of Finance boss Katsu and BOJ Governor Shirakawa, and pretended they were the Dragon family. But it is the same old crooks, doing their best to block the new financial system by muddying up the waters. We are on their case now, identifying individuals who were working for the Feds in Japan - who are now being asked to back off. We are simply stirring things up to see who is who. The MOF (Ministry of Finance) and BOJ (Bank of Japan) have already said they will not work with the Feds. There will be violent revolution in the US and EU before too long, if the Feds do not step aside gracefully.

The first public posting of the new Cease and Desist Order on behalf of Neil Keenan, signatory for the "real" Dragon Family and its assets (due to many trying to wrest the Collateral Accountswas) was done by Wilcock earlier.

Wilcock now: liens have now been placed against all twelve Fed banks. We already know they do not have the assets to meet these obligations. This is a critical step leading to the mass arrests and the defeating of Financial Tyranny.

And now for the grand finale: Drake was told that a certain sequence of events needed to occur before the mass arrests could happen. The filing of this lien is one of those events.

NOTICE!: A Security (15 USC)
A USSEC Tracer Flag. Not a point of Law. Affidavit of Obligation. Commercial Lien.
1. The amount of gold under contract to the Fed system is 2,420,937,400 kilograms.
2. The lease payments on this gold are payable at the rate of 4% per annum.
3. Proof of the Fed Obligation is in the form of Fed Bond, series of 1928 and 1934.
6. The States combined bullion into central deposit, countries equitable access.
7. The gold is actually owned by Governments through their Ministry of Finance.
8. In 1948, under UN, President Soekarno appointed as Monetary Controller.
9. The gold deposited into the system by group of Trustees appointed by Soekarno.
10. The Mandates have assigned the accounts to Neil F. Keenan and Keith F. Scott.
12. All persons from several organizations who consider themselves to be the global elite have illegally used these assets. Key among these are members of (but not limited to) :-The Committee of 300, Skull and Bones Society, The Bilderberg Society, The Trilateral Commission, Council on Foreign Relations
13. The Fed System is a privately owned banking system.

I am only giving a voice to the real heroes -- the brave men and women who will conduct these mass arrests, and free our planet from Financial Tyranny. Let's give them full credit where credit is due. We are all banding together and facing our darkest fears to create a future we can be proud of -- for ourselves, our children, our children's children, and so on. I do believe I will be fine.


Sarkar sees technological advancement as inevitable; he only seeks to place in it a non-exploitative element that is; moral leadership – new technologies not taking away the rights and wages of labour. Sarkar also doesn’t make a sharp distinction between social and the spiritual...

Sarkar: Nowadays science means creating new weapons – strengthening the hands of warmongers; but the spirit of science should not be like this… Science should be just like art: science for service and beatitude…In a collective economic system the benevolent use of science will bring about human welfare.

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