tiistai 17. huhtikuuta 2012

Will capitalism burst like firecracker ?

Let´s see what Sarkar said 1987 about Capitalism and how to get out of capitalism:

The impetus from crude psychic urges gave birth to capitalism. The contradictions in capitalism are due to the self-centered profit motivated psychology and the accumulation of wealth for the benefit of a few rather than for the welfare of all. Hence, capitalism is not congenial to the integrated growth of human progress. A day is therefore sure to come when capitalism will burst like a fire-cracker… Once the social body falls unconscious, the vaeshyas will die along with the rest of the body. Otherwise, before allowing themselves to die, the exploited shúdras, kśatriyas and vipras can unite to destroy the vaeshyas.

Psychic urges must not be objectified nor should they be suppressed; rather they must be channelized towards the Supreme Desideratum...Those imbibed with spiritual idealism are dedicated to the all-round elevation of humanity, free from the slavery of capitalism and the repression of communism, and established in the glory of Neohumanism... Then each person will be a Sadvipra, and the whole society will be a Sadvipra Samáj

Now the time has come to get free from capitalism - just now. People are becoming more and more spiritual so they desire social equality and collective welfare. What comes to; - capitalism will burst like fire cracker? It sounds like it is what is likely going to happen now. Whether we trust in what Wilcock and Fulford says, that the alliance of 140 nations is going to take over the economy with mass arrests, or Lindsay Williams and others who say, that the capitalist conspirators will collapse the world economy, or whether we just look around and observe ourselves; some months ago the economists said that if Spain will fall, then IMF and Eurozone can’t help anymore. Now Spain might be on go, Greece is badly wounded and dragging others into ditch and Italy besides some others struggling still in front of the edge. But let´s see at least Lagarde has managed to collect almost 400 billion for IMF. Spain papers are still managing to fool people buying.

You may notice that eventually capitalism has become a parasite for the society, sucking its vitality, exploiting ruthlessly and taking over the media. That’s exactly what Sarkar said, as the sign of the last days of capitalism - namely in his social cycle theory, when he described the last exploitative days of so called Vaeshya mentality - of money minded capital hoarders. That is also how other dominating mentalities like vipras; the intellectuals (artist, scientist and priests) ksattriyas; the warriors, shudras; the laborous – each at turns, lost their era of splendour.

The other sign to be seen is that people are turning into spiritual minded beings. Silent "revolution" of millions of yogis, meditators and spiritually elevated people - who have lost their faith into money and materialistic things - is spreading like wildfire in the night. And lets not forget what Wilcock says while we speak about him, that even if euro collapses, new currency would be set and people wouldn´t loose that much money and anyhow future will be bright, if not golden.

So what is expected to come after vaeshya era? The cycle will continue as before: shudra-ksattrya-vipra-vaeshya… on and on. It is the process of natural evolution. Never ending, but there is big difference, first of all the shudra of present day is not the shudra of ancient times, and while the spirituality is showing up, the mentalities are embracing a bit of all other mentalities as well, so the process will not be that roller coaster anymore and there are still the sadvipras to prevent exploitation of each mentality in power. Leaders will be less attached to power and in the grass root level everyone is part of decision making. In order to adjust and pioneer you should take care of your spiritual development and acquire the qualities of all mentalities; shudras, vipras, ksatriyas and vaeshyas.

Now Sarkar says: Revolution is the application of tremendous force to accelerate the speed of the social cycle. But according Sarkar: “Shúdra revolution will not be possible. Shúdra-minded people do not understand their own problems; they do not even have the courage to dream about solving them. That is why I have said that kśatriya- and vipra-minded shúdras will bring about the people’s revolution. Those… pioneers of revolution will have to learn to be disciplined, take proper revolutionary training, build their character, be moralists; in a word, they will have to become what I call sadvipras. They will carry the message of revolution to every home in the world, to every vein and capillary of human existence. The banner of victorious revolution will be carried by them alone. But most sadvipras will come from…the vipra- and kśatriya-minded shúdras. I am prepared to use the term vikśubdha [disgruntled]…to describe the revolutionary shúdras. The capitalists are not afraid of labour unrest, but they are afraid of the labour leaders, the vikśubdha shúdras.

Revolution means a great change. In order to bring about such a change it is not inevitable that there will be killing and bloodshed. If the kśatriya-minded vikśubdha shúdras are in the majority, or are most influential, however, the revolution will indeed come about through bloody clashes….It is possible [without bloodshed], if there are a large number of influential vipra-minded shúdras among the vikśubdha shúdras.”

What this means in context of “coup” which Wilcock and Fulford talk about, there are the ksattriyas - the Pentagon, activists, marshall artists etc, intellectuals and besides the spiritual - the aliens and perhaps again the marshal artists as "some kind of spiritual soldiers", then should we think it to be bloodless or bloody, but at least maximum chaos and psychic clash. In order to understand the possible benevolence and success of the new economic system and the “cabal” take down, one has to read what Sarkar says about Nuclear revolution. You will find some info about it in my page, so I will not write here more.

Just what ever happens take care of yourself (make small food storage etc basic things), help others, do spiritual practices and as we don’t know almost nothing about what is to come - whether to participate or not - I can’t advice.

You may listen more what Drake tells and advices to people with updates:

Others things related: Fulford says HAARP has been taken over from the cabal, although there are many…RT. The US Department of Justice site was down, due to attack by Anonymous. Earlier, the CIA’s site fell, but managed to get back on track. CIA taken down twice before...There was some info abou Anonymous and White Dragons cooperation.

Norwegian Breivik (which many thinks to be some sort of brain washed supersoldier of CIA?) spoke in the court an hour about “brainwashed leftist activists” and Islam as a treat. He was told to be in tears while seeing his own video but without any sympathy for the victims in the court, though he admits of over reacting with shooting. Breivik Says he did it for "self-defense" …killing 77 people, is he OK really?

West is too much for Russia which purge off Western influences from the net and Chinese kill switch... Web freedom faces greatest threat ever, warns Google’s Sergey Brin. London Guardian: Brin warned there were “very powerful forces that have lined up against the open internet on all sides and around the world”. Protests against new cybersecurity legislation. The Hill Activists are planning a “week of action” to protest the Cyber Intelligence Sharing and Protection Act (CISPA)

Prisonplanet.com: Buffet Rule Is Criminal Scam. The same criminal mega banks that pulled off the banker bailout heist are set to run an even bigger scam. Senate Bill, giving the IRS power to revoke passports and travel of tax-avoiders.; while “60 000 active-duty troops and reserve members own for IRS $390 million unpaid taxes. IRS figures show that in 2010, “98,000 federal employees owed $1 billion in back taxes.” Furthermore, what about senate itself; employees of the U.S. Senate owe over $2 million dollars in unpaid taxes!

Zero Hedge. Three years ago our observation of High Frequency Trading was proved right. the days of equity capital markets in their current configuration are numbered. Also Morgan Stanley’s Q and Derivative Strategies predicts the end of capital markets in a world where every declining retail participation is replaced by artificial high frequency trading. Liquidity and investment horizons will get ever shorter, until they hit zero... when the currently unsustainable course of market de-evolution will, finally hit final iceberg.

More earthquakes on 22.4 speculations due to planets lining ups. Fragile Earth? Quake Expert Marmureanu - from Romania's National Institute warned that the planet could be cracking up after a series of massive quakes in just 48 hours. Some say poles are shifting bit be bit due to quakes.

TBR News , The Voice of the White House: Joint project involving two American and three Japanese firms have produced a robotic creature that looks, and acts, like a human being. Some sent into the PRC to spy and was involved with the failed Korean missile launch recently.

Politicians fight while under treat; Dick Cheney saying Obama is an unmitigated disaster to the country.

The IMF said that one prospective “tail risk” in EU is a “disorderly default and exit by a euro area member”.