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Keshe flyes faster than NASA

Keshe is doing not only speaking....

Keshe is totally engagement in his science with spiritual approach...that's the way Sarkar expected one to be successful. I really appreciate Keshe's statements that he has no time to study all rubbish knowledge and get engaged with degrading and useless entertainment - although sometimes he seems to ignore things that might give him new ideas too... Besides he seems to be aware of connection between consciousness and physicality. That type of things one also learns by doing meditation –  one looses attraction to worldly things while consciousness and inner happiness increases.

So many people and groups are putting lots of effort to do it - to change the more or less destructive course on earth into benevolent brotherhood: The White hats and military, the White Dragons and Asian Marshall artists, 130 nations (now 160 alliance), Wilcock with huge publicity and his spiritual research etc and then comes Keshe, the scientist with more comprehensive free energy and space program than NASA itself (thats at least what he claims). Anyhow non of them could do it alone, but this way working side by side they have made it possible perhaps to get the course changed. (Strange that Wilcock, Fulford and other progressive never mentions Keshe?) And as Proutists, our duty suppose to be to unite the moralists...

This is latest interview, so interesting man you see: I'm not able to translate much due to his pronunciation:

For long time “world” didn't want to accept free energy and his peace offer for the benefit of humanity. But now US government and NASA are taking on board Keshe's new technologies amongst 15 other governments. (I.e China, Korea etc). Dec 14, huge gatherings to demonstrate his inventins and three US astronauts will join. Next lectures in Italy15-16.12. Keshe mentions that so far the only way the governments and companies wanted to use his plasma technology has been for making better weapons, but now they are starting to think also the benefit for their countries and world commonly, which this technology will bring.

His comment about Cern bosom: All of us in this planet are God particles...Cern is only playing games...Will Keshe prevent war against Iran with his common sense talks and technology...He doesn't comment if he is working with Russia also. Keshe was arrested while on the way to clean up Gulf of Mexico...He explains that nuclear radiation can be cleaned: reactor will act like solid magnet producing opposite magnetic field than the atomic structure of the leakage... to absorb the pollution...

(Sarkar says about the structure of atom: By splitting up the atom immense energy is released. To claim that energy is obtained due to the destruction of matter is theoretical and not physically proven. In fact, the energy comes out from within the store of the atom. Energy always requires a material shelter – a container. After the destruction of the container, the immense released energy moves very fast with tremendous speed in all directions in search of some or other material shelter. Finally, it finds a way in some country, in some human physical body, in structures and other material objects scattered around, or in the ocean, etc. Matter needs a shelter, and the shelter of matter is the earth. This is the secret.)

Iran has already planes that fly in ab half hour to US, so US etc countries has to take seriously and join to receive Keshe´s technology in order to maintain their advancement. Keshe is telling soon we will see these plasma planes flying around by different governments. 

Keshe about spirituality, short cut:...we are here not only to teach man the physicality of travel into space, but at the same time to teach the terms of conduct once he enters the new universal community...

...Consciousness is not the exclusivity of the earthman tribe, but is the... interaction of all intellects in the universe. Consciousness is the interactive outcome of decisions made by fields and not by matters.... It is the central control room of physicality... At this moment of time, man due his physical knowledge sees everything through the eye of physicality, which is the mirage that has blinded him from the truth of creation and the real essence of creation... 


Light arises from the interaction of their soul’s field with the essence of the creator’s fields.... leads to enlightenment, or seeing the light of creation...“Thou shall not steal”... once one takes from others’ fields (steals)... the path of his motion changes and then he does not reach the desired and correct destination. Thus man has to understand the reality about his conduct.... the consciousness of man.

Once we enter the universal community, our thoughts and awareness and its controlling ‘consciousness’ will be an open book to all in the universe as they do not see physicality, but see the interaction of the brain’s internal fields.... When man interacts with his universal family in the near future, he will be assessed and judged by his fields of thought and not by the reflection of his physical behavior...

The man who understands the working of awareness and consciousness is the man who has entered the kingdom of the creator...There are those who claim to have reached this stage through meditation, and those... through their naturally correct conduct...
Those who understand the operation of consciousness will have a wonderful time in the worlds we have opened up to man as a gift and in the freedom of the use of space....

Earlier interview by Hank Mills, short cut: About the Drone that was captured in Iran:

K. Ahhh... we have transferred our knowledge of space technology to Iran...This is the capability of space technology. And now you see the results. There is no damage to the craft. When everyone has it, they can't use it aggressively any more. Take control and land it on it's own .... about six to eight months ago, I said this will be happening, you see this happening now. 

S. What is the present prognosis for bringing an energy technology to the marketplace?

K. We are selling a lot... by the end of next year...we start delivering the units which we received orders for to the people who paid the deposit...We are opening an institute to start teaching the space technology and the medical side and everything else....We are fully booked for the next two or three months, giving lectures all over Europe...We are getting support.. very soon that will go on the internet.... open the university in the next few months... In the next six months you can buy units that produce water out of the air. 

I work totally on one mission and the foundation. We give the knowledge to the nations, to the people. So...even in Europe we hand over the people who bought the system to the Federal governments, to the governments of the nations. There are other organizations like us who are developing technologies.

When... you tap into the universal system of energy, then you don't need to pay anything... governments will tax it. I run a website where we use free energy routinely... Iranian and Belgium government...and offices in different shape, nano, nuclear, they have been through our technology fully. Full access to us ... the British government for defense. 

S. You already said you sold all ten thousand?

K. We have the moment for a three kilowatt they pay twenty thousand Euro in Europe, now they get a ten kilowatt for the same price...You have to look at the full spectrum of what we are doing. And thanks we received support now from several governments...

S. These technologies were motivated by the bottom line goal, that you have of enabling astronauts to live safely in space. Energy, food... 

K. Keshe Foundation is a space technology development. We have our own lift system and motion. We have our own energy production. Absorbing radiation in magnetic field... An agreement has been reached in the past hours that the first water units will be developed in the next six months for commercialization. We absorb moisture from the environment.... This is creating magnetic field of the water...

You go to the plasma technology.... a torch that is lit absorbs all radiations from the environment, all magnetic fields, you convert that into energy and matter....Nobel Prize of 2010 went to the scientist who tried to prove what Einstein said in 1925, that gas can be changed into matter at minus 170 degrees. All we done, now we changed the gases into a solid at room temperature with a new understanding. 

The four states of matter: solid, liquid, and gas and gas at nano-state... field of magrav. This internal gravitational field of atom dictates the structure of the can change the gravitational magnetic field of the atom, and the atom can be solid at any pressure, temperature.

We are made of gases oxygen, nitrogen, carbon...our body in Earth's gravitational system has learned to change gases into solid body. So this is the fourth state of matter we discovered, and it is important, because I can take the CO2 you breathe in space, convert it to solid, and feed you with the energy you need.


Sarkar said in seventies and eighties: Our progress in the arena of science depends much on the progress of our knowledge in electromagnetic waves, electromagnetic emanations.  

When people get detached from non-carbonic pabula and become increasingly engrossed in carbonic pabula, there are two ill-effects as a consequence. First, the arena of one’s own carbonic pabula will increase and the mind will gradually and steadily drift towards crude matter. Secondly, one’s mind will think in terms of devouring other’s carbonic pabula. This is the psychological explanation of imperialism.

Why does microvita research need to be done in physical laboratories? Because atoms have two parts – the cruder part and the subtler part. Microvita also have two parts – the cruder part and the subtler part. So far atomic research has been done taking into account the cruder part of atoms. The subtler part is closer to idea and the cruder part is closer to matter. The subtler part of atoms has not been investigated. When research into the crude and the subtle part of atoms proceed together, then only will there be great benefit for the entire creation.

Now, what is the root cause of this universe? Which is the starting point of life or vitality? These microvita are the carriers of life in different stars, planets and satellites – not carbon atoms or carbon molecules.

In the case of atoms, electrons are moving. In case of our ethereal order, the moon moves around the earth. In case of our solar system so many planets are moving around the sun, and in the Supreme Cosmological Order the point of command is Parama Puruśa. He is the nucleus and everybody is moving around Him.

Those who seek to attain Him in their hearts, in the molecules and atoms of their sense of existence, realize Him through the attainment of divine truth. Whether in matter, spirit, space, existence, non-existence, or transcendality – He exists everywhere, sometimes qualified, sometimes unqualified.

For example, it is not preordained that if one commits theft his things of the same value will be stolen as a reaction. The suffering is measured in terms of mental suffering to the extent which was inflicted on others by stealing their property...If a person is a thief by nature whenever they think something in seclusion they will think of thieving. So, his mind will be degraded.

All are lighted with His light; with His Radiance, all others are radiant, and in His effulgence all others become blessed.

Every human being, every unit entity, has a mind. In matter mind is dormant, but the potentiality of mind is ever present. Mind even exists in wood, rocks, sand, stone, etc. Wherever there is the expression of mind, there is also the reflection of the unit consciousness. Through scientific research this dormant mind may also express itself one day, even in matter...

Question: What is the silver lining between the... between the initial stage of matter and microvita?

Answer: Microvita are the initial stage of matter. Although they are matter they are very, very subtle. All of a sudden microvita are transmuted into matter and matter is transmuted into microvita. For investigating the initial stage of matter, research is not possible in physical laboratories, but it is possible in the human mind and human soul. Microvitum is closer to the realm of ideas than matter.

Then, what is the silver line of demarcation between matter and idea? Of that silver lining, the outside is matter and the other side, the inner side, is idea. That is, this silver lining is made of the initial stage of matter and the cruder stage of idea. If you consider that the atom is the constituent of matter, likewise idea is the constituent of microvita.

If matter maintains a close proximity to microvita, microvita maintains a close proximity to idea...

If you powder down atoms then you get microvita, but if microvita could be powdered down you would get idea...So, microvita are the initial stage of matter. Microvita are the silver lining between idea and matter, though they are closer to the realm of ideas than matter.

3 June 1989 RU, “Matter and Abstract:
When form remains in the abstract realm it is called energy; when it comes into the material realm it is called matter...The entity in which there is maximum crudification is called jaŕa or matter

Matter is the condensed form of Cosmic Mind. Everything in this universe, manifest or unmanifest, abstract or matter, is the playful creation of Prakrti. Matter is nothing but the combination of physical vibrations emanating from the Cosmic mind....In the process of evolution, the Cosmic Mind takes the form of matter...

Crude matter is the condensed form of Macrocosmic mind-stuff. When this Macrocosmic mind-stuff loses a certain degree of its condensed state, it assumes the form of microcosm. Thus houses, kitchen utensils, hills, valleys and oceans, are nothing but dormant states of mind. The moment they awaken from their slumber of inertness, the moment the consciousness latent within them gets expressed, they will be changed into unit minds. Can you imagine what a unique and wonderful thing this is?

This matter has no capacity of internal assimilation and as such is completely guided by the Cosmic Will....For instance, water vapour is transformed into water in the process of gradual crudification. Water, being more condensed, is transformed into ice. If the ethereal, aerial, luminous, liquid and solid factors that form the physical structure of a six foot tall human being are condensed to such a degree that the inter-protoplasmic gap becomes completely non-existent that healthy gentleman will be a billion times smaller than a poppy seed!

When an object becomes more condensed it should be understood that the Macrocosmic mind-stuff is decreasing its inter-molecular gaps. This causes an object to gradually come within the periphery of sense perception. When there comes to be a high degree of diversity in the structure of the condensed object, it requires a self-activated psychic factor for its preservation, maintenance and destruction. This psychic entity (the mind) is created as a result of clash due to inter-molecular proximity. Thus it can be said that mind emerges as a result of clash within the material structure.

There is nothing inanimate or insentient in this world; everything is animate and sentient. In some places consciousness is condensed and in other places it is uncondensed. Where consciousness is condensed, we say “animate” or “sentient”, and where it is uncondensed, i.e., where the influence of Prakrti is more predominant, we say, “inanimate” or “insentient”.

What is energy? It is nothing but the condensed form of psychic stamina.

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Still from Wilcock ab 21.12-12It would appear, therefore, that the end of the cycle represents a time in which much greater peace, happiness and abundance can result...The old "torture wheels" of war, deprivation and pain stop repeating, and we have the opportunity for a very significant change. I am very, very glad that we have made it this far without wars, economic collapse or other massive disasters. I am very much looking forward to seeing how this all unfolds.

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