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Spirited leadership

The revolutionaries like Wilcock, Fulford, White Dragons; Marshall artists, etc are often spiritually minded. And more and more that kind of people are going to come up...The emerging sadvipras, whome the politicians has to bow... By the way Fulford claims; Obama also showed his allegiance to the Dragon family by flying to Asia immediately after the US election in order to thank them for financing his re-election - photo of him bowing deeply to a Dragon family boss - circulated among world leaders.

Who are those sadvipras by Sarkar: Those spiritual revolutionaries, work to achieve… progressive changes for human elevation on a well-thought, pre-planned basis whether in the physical, metaphysical or spiritual sphere, by adhering to the principles of morality.

Social life cannot be elevated merely by speeches delivered from political platforms; political leaders cannot produce sadvipras by their rhetoric... Most of them are blind after power. What will they teach others? Mental and spiritual training alone can create sadvipras.

Only those sadvipras are safe from destruction and extinction who can work for the welfare of the human society. Therefore, it becomes the prime duty of everyone to make themselves and others sadvipras…Those who pose to be righteous (dharmic) but are timid with the spirit of fight cannot be called sadvipras.

Today I extend my earnest request to all reasonable, virtuous and moral fighters that they form a good, well-disciplined sadvipra society without further delay…Difficulties and encumbrances cannot be more powerful than your capacity to solve them. You are the children of the great Cosmic Entity. Be sadvipras and make others also sadvipras…

People will recognize sadvipras by their conduct, their devotion to service, their dutifulness and their moral integrity. These sadvipras will declare firmly, “All human beings are of the same caste,” “All human beings have equal rights,” “All human beings are brothers and sisters.” These sadvipras will give a stern warning to the exploiters of the society: “Human exploitation will not be tolerated. No exploitation will be allowed on the pretext of religion.” These sadvipras shall work for the good of all countries, for the all-round emancipation of all humanity.

If the sadvipras get active mass support, revolution is bound to come. In case a government adopts the ideals of Prout, the rule of sadvipras will prevail. If the same is not adopted by a government, and sanguinary revolution is sure to come and ultimately the power will be made over to the sadvipras.

The pioneers of a revolution will have to learn discipline, take proper training for the revolution, build their character, be moralists – in a word, they will have to be sadvipras… they will devote themselves to the service of widely scattered units of the human society and proclaim loudly; The moralists of humanity unite!...

One may ask whether rich people who are moral and spiritual can be sadvipras or not. In reply I will say yes, they can be. But in order to be sadvipras they will have to come down to the level of the middle class, because they cannot live in indolent luxury on capital acquired by sinful means…poor people who have the minds of kśatriyas or vipras can bring about a revolution, and such poor people I call the middle class... They will carry the message of revolution to every home in the world, to every vein and capillary of human existence.

The universe and the society belong to all. Every dust particle of the universe is the common patrimony of each and every one of us, so it is not at all proper to allow a particular social class to perpetuate its rule.

Sadvipras are  kśatriyas (fighters), vipras (intellectuals), vaeshyas (owners) and shúdras (workers) all in one, hence the leadership of the sadvipras will mean the victory of every social class.

The purpose of the penal code which will be framed by the sadvipras will be to rectify, and not to punish a person. They will knock down the prisons and build reform schools, rectification camps. Those who [are] inborn criminals, in other words, those who perpetrate crimes because of some organic defects, ought to be offered treatment so that they may humanize themselves. And regarding those who commit crimes out of poverty, their poverty must be removed...Only sadvipras can guarantee the all-round welfare of all groups of people because sadvipras represent the interests of all classes in society

In all countries and at all times, Sadvipras must wait until the emergence of an antithesis against any particular thesis. So long as an antithesis has not evolved, Sadvipras will go on working throughout the world to bring about the psychological background for the antithesis of the next phase. The moment the auspicious dawn of renaissance or synthesis comes, Sadvipras will take the reins of the leadership of society into their own hands...Nuclear revolution can only be brought about by sadvipras.... Through their concerted effort, moral and spiritual power and all-round endeavour, they mobilize the exploited sections of society to overthrow the ruling class – the exploiters... In nuclear revolution, there is minimum loss of life and property, and the transformation of society is accomplished within a very short span of time.

What form will the benevolent dictatorship of the Sadvipras take? PROUT supports centralization of political power and decentralization of economic power, but centralization of political power does not mean centralization in one person or one institution. Sadvipras shall elect and form several boards consisting of persons who are conversant and experienced in the various branches of administration.

All classes will have to unite in a society free from class warfare and strive to implement a common ideal on a common platform. This can only be done by Sadvipras. To ensure the future welfare of the universe, the dictatorship of Sadvipras is an absolute necessity..…The sadvipras will select good persons to carry out the executive duties in the governmental and non-governmental spheres.

Instead of hating anyone, the Sadvipras will encourage everyone to build good careers. This will be Sadvipra’s principal duty. None should feel that they have been doomed for good.

Political leaders depend on physical power. Though they talk of non-violence, they are guarded by the police force. Physical power is the crudest manifestation of energy. Sadvipras will use intuitional power.... It therefore goes without saying that a Sadvipra is stronger than a political leader.

Sadvipras will not give any importance to the points of difference, but will continuously inspire and encourage the common bonds of unity and thus strengthen humanity. Only then will the human society become one and indivisible. Only then will it be worthy of being called a “human society”.

Sadvipras are those who are deeply spiritual, who love human beings above anything else, and who are absolutely selfless. The power of administration must not be entrusted to those people who are selfish and who have no love for humanity. The power of Government must be left to those who are genuine servants of mankind.

The downtrodden humanity of this disgraced world is looking up to the eastern horizon, awaiting the sadvipras’ advent with earnest zeal and eagerness. Let the cimmerian darkness of the interlunar night disappear. Let the human being of the new day of the new sunrise wake up in the world. With these good wishes I conclude...
Marcuss Bussey writes about educating sadviprahood: Relational consciousness lies at the heart of Sarkar'suniversalism. This invites a new way of being human, which he came to call Neohumanism (1982). Philosophically it is a form of pragmatism which has a clear focus on the interface between ideas and the world around us. Neohumanism has this focus as it balances the existential development of each individual with a clear engagement with the social objective world. In fact one can't occur without the other. In this focus on the nexus of expanding consciousness with social action Neohumanism offers a way forward to a new social paradigm which is expressed via the socio-spiritual philosophy of Prout. Prout advocates for a relational economics that is an expression of relational consciousness of a valid form of knowledge creation, i.e science, technology and spirituality are part of an integrated system.

Together Neohumanism and Prout offer us a pedagogy of possibility that develops the inner resources for relational Neohumanist identity along with the skills needed to manifest benevolence and distributive justice in the world. The focus of such a pedagogy is the Sadvipra in whom this relational consciousness and skill-set come together to realize the transformative changes needed to move society towards deeper and richer future for all.... Sarkar intended the sadvipra to puncture the social evolutionary cycle which he argued moved from elite to elite.

Those working for transformative change do not necessarily understand how to create it for a world that does not yet exist. This is the gap between imagined and real that so often undermines the work of idelists. Neohumanism offers a way accross this gap by linking social action with personal spiritual growth.

Are we all Sadvipras in potential? Sarkar would have us to believe so. If this is so then Neohumnist education has a significant role in bringing this new expanded sense of self into being.

...A new cultural field of meaning making, in which spiritual practice generates the relational being that makes sense of our world...With increased depth comes greater resilience and the ability to learn beyond the boundaries that sustain brittle identity so characteristic of the modern individual.

Education lays the foundation to prepare a context from which the Sadvipra might emerge. In thinking about the future of education we need to take into account the inner qualities that sustain relational consciousness along with the benevolent will that is expressed through worldly activity as social service. In Sarkar's language this implies educational futures that integrate subjective approach through objective adjustment.
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