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Web bot predictics new earth

During last years many of their predictions has gone totally ashtray, they even predicted some kind of  'end of world stuff', but I suppose there are two timelines to look upon and may be they happen to seek after wrong path...Anyhow some things they get right, but always exaggerated:  

Due to heading solar maximum more intense period on the sun. “Those humans who are awakening to the unfolding nature of reality, will [separate themselves (from the) herd instinct], becoming [explorers (of the manifesting new earth/new cycle)].” The sun’s activity has an energetic influence on people. 

The recent cracks coming out in the news of the plates, is because the earth is expanding...Antarctica becoming ice the results of the earth expansion. Another expansion is in the works... rupture of the Indian plate and Pacific plate: Global Coastal event (also remote viewers, and the Pacific Prediction blog). Ice formation mentioned in North?

Due to sun effect: strong winds from the south will head towards the arctic so that clouds and chemtrails will disperse. The winds arrive to Arctic from the pacific basin (Finnish scientist, 2 years ago said winds has started to blow from Pacific to North Pole, same says Dutchsinse). The quality of the air causes mental neurosis, but conflicts will be less when people panic their life and move to safe places etc.

Some rivers will start flowing backwards. Springs and wells will suddenly shoot out of the earth around the planet, before the excessive flooding starts. Also sink holes around the world increase. From April 2013, the flooding grow...for 19 months, dams break causing also flooding. Surface of areas in the northern hemisphere is swept away by heavy rain. Earthquakes in all continents.

In Europe the rains turn lots of areas into marshlands... four years global coastal event. Loss of satellites due to solar activity - will affect the economy. Indian sub ocean plate rising up creating new lands and causing great tsunamis. The same with the pacific plate, affecting California, Mexico, etc.

Large populations will move to safety due to fear of ongoing earth changes, specifically tsunami’s and damaged nuclear reactors. Lots of noise from the earth continue. Herd animals will have obsessive compulsive disorders. The DNA of the animals (human beings) will change over the next few decades and there will be mutations.

This is part of the previous prediction from last year: "There will be an untimely demise for millions by 2012, brought upon by some combination of pandemics, economic collapse, breakdown of health care and unknown energies from space"...or fleeing "north of 40.

Related: Earthquakes: Since 1981, ab 0.65 earthquake per month magnitude 7, or larger, have steadily been increasing up to about 1.6 earthquakes per month...but 3+ are really dropping.

Solar cycle peak expected to send increasing numbers of earth-directed coronal mass ejections (CME's) our way over 2013. And now: CME was detected by SOHO/LASCO on Dec 5. It was associated with C1.7 flare. We expect the arrival of CME-driven shock at the Earth, probably on Dec 7 or 8... active geomagnetic conditions.  

Chemtrails and HAARP on line:
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After all they have started to see more and more positive changes happening, and that it is going to be: human beings will eventually become divine beings and the earth changes will calm down.

Didi Annapurna

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