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Financial Tyranny soon in Russian TV?

From Wilcock, In Dec 4, 2012, one of Russia's top TV networks wanted to do the world's first-ever full exposure of our Financial Tyranny investigation in mainstream media; stolen gold, the Keenan lawsuit, the Illuminati, the Federal Reserve, and the now-160-nation alliance that has formed to end the oppression. “one of the last bastions of free media” in Russia... with audience of 113.5 million viewers...….Dec 9th, REN-TV's US correspondent filmed me. It should appear on their website, on the schedule by the 16th. Update 23rd even now not yet ready.

The lawsuit that Fulford had been anticipating for over a year ...with full backing of the "good guys" in the Pentagon and US military, as well as an alliance of about 57 nations at the time - which has since ballooned to 160.

Real problem is the 1 percent wealthiest entities in the world, and the steps they have taken to preserve their power... The US deficit is a myth. The truth is that there is more than enough wealth to pay off all debts. This wealth simply has never been allowed to be used.

With this would come the release of many "hidden" and classified technologies that could bring us clean energy -- at very low cost, and with minimal environmental damage...Most importantly, this lawsuit would blow open the doors on a massive amount of gold that was stolen and put on "deposit" worldwide by the Federal Reserve with bonds as collateral...But mistakes were made and used to discredit the bonds as forgeries should anyone try to cash them...Therefore, if you attempt to cash them, you will immediately be branded as a counterfeiter - and imprisoned.

More recently, the banking families tried to pass off sheets of fake Euro bills that were allegedly worth a million dollars each -- to the increasingly frustrated Asians who have still never been properly paid the money they are owed!

A video on the Keenan lawsuit, put together by Michael Henry Dunn, a former NBC producer: Michael sings Kiirtans as we also do:

Neil Keenan: I would like to update you in relation to the re-filing of my case, and also the Global Accounts that we are working on here in Jakarta...We are nearly complete with the preface in relation to the re-filing of the case...After that, we will include the jurisdiction and the new evidence that we have procured from a very main source.

And we are going to do things with the Global Collateral Accounts. We have to audit the accounts before we can do anything, because we have to know what’s real and what is not...In the meanwhile, we should be able to help Greece, Spain, Portugal and Ireland. We should be able to save them from those culprits – the European Commission.

The current, scientific estimate of the number of years in the "precession of the equinoxes" -- the great cycle that just happens to be ending in five days -- is precisely 25,771 years., and Hindi commentary... near 25771 years. 
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Incredible... news about Indonesian Dr. Soekanto and the Global Collateral Accounts reached mainstream, though with strange interpretation:  Article in the biggest Austrian newspaper, the "Kronenzeitung" says: "For Switzerland, it would be like a financial collapse, for Austria, a financial dream - The main legacy of the Indonesian Presidential Treasure wants to bring the legendary 180 billion $, which are bunkered currently in Switzerland, to Austria and invest the money here...":
Maya ceramics and mural paintings in three underwater caves in Mexico:

Large Asteroid Headed Toward Earth:

Can Slamming a Spaceship into an Asteroid Save Earth?

Geo-engineering enthusiasm at UN climate talks: Light from some of the universe's most energetic explosions is allowing scientists to probe the nature of space-time... "We live in a quantum universe — quantum mechanics is needed to describe the behavior of all forces and all particles at the subatomic level," Fox said. "Ultimately, we can hope to develop a 'quantum gravity' theory of these phenomena." And

Update 6.1-12,  the TV program about Financial Tyranny is delayed to January 16th, from 8PM to 11PM, on REN-TV.

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