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Finnish Social Forum united the righteous people with spirit of Occupy

For some reason this text from last year came in front, when I edited the text, so let it be here:

Sarkar said; Unite the moralists (he meant righteous, courageous, good willed people). That’s what the people in Social Forum are for. This year we again came together more and more united - people from different groups sharing the seminars.

Altough I thought the opening ceremony 21.4 to be most exiting thing and expected the occupy camp people showing up on the stage and telling the incredible survival story of the tent village over the winter, but while they spoke, I just missed the whole thing, as I had to rush to organize speaker to our occasion, as the one suppose to speak had - for more or less tantric reasons - gone to other side of Finland, and was not available for this uniting business.

Then I was out; sending e-mails and calling around, and missed also many other seminars. And the one seminar I tried to participate first, was not really opening up what it was question about; two people debating on the stage about some abstract matters of democracy, while the whole democracy seems to be dysfunctional, non-existent and highjacked by the master minds of manipulators. I was not the only one listening there, together we were ab 40 participants, but I just couldn’t coup with my restless mind, and left them "arguing" and moved on to next class.  

Some atheists and representatives of religious minorities were telling of having no say on school, army, funeral etc affairs, not at least equal to majority; the Christians. While myself having special type of belief system, I understood their concerns, but what I think and have experienced; in most of the cases one has to just keep one´s rights with the help of own organization and – often the solutions come out in somewhat satisfactory. It is quite costly and impossible even to expect to have separate systems and rights for each group and increasing amount of groups in the future.

But when it comes to the matter of exploitation, it is more important to fight together in order to get the systems gradually changed. The next adventure brought me to some movie room about tar sands, which I just passed by, while feeling tar sands would soon be history anyway.

Then I ended up to seminar of Pand peace artists, but I missed obviously the most interesting part of it; the Guggenheim elitist power show up. They just want it to Finland and the folks seem to have nothing to say… I like these artists with having experiences in different cultures and their deep desire to paint, play or write a better world. They don´t just concentrate to clowning for themselves, but rather try to bring joy and wander to all folks and walks of life, besides rising to the barricades when ever the exploitation of the society gets too rampant. I also appreciate the attitude of J-P of giving all his arts freely away - service for blessedness in practice.

22.4-12. Today is our turn to step on the stage, but first I participated discussion about religious people willingness to help and serve. Especially interesting was the question about religious people helping the members of other religions, and the unanswered question about why the leaders although religious are corrupted and exploiting people?

We had - Despina - an African lady expressing her views about relief work in her country. She told that one can more trust to root grass organization with relief money, because they often see the suffering with their own eyes and really want to help - and on the other hand, because the donator can do inspection of the accounts. But when the relief money goes through the government, the ministers or officials are easily able to take some of the money, because donors can’t audit those accounts. She had made observation that Finnish people are closed, but having also really good qualities such as they are the most honest people. I was happy to hear that, as Sarkar also said that Finnish people are most honest in the world.

So then to our own “power pointed” presentation or at least it could have been. Namely I prepared a power point myself with beautiful blue tint colors last night in case Prem (who had promised to do the seminar wouldn’t show up), but while he was confirming of coming, I just forgot about my worries and refused the offer by organizers to bring equipments for power point thing.

But tantric “show” it became, when it turned out that I had to also express myself, as Prem hadn’t really got it all together for two hours to go on. So I just suggested in my turn to the audience that lets imagine we are in living library (human library) and you can interview me as a book, so you are welcome to ask all possible questions. And so it went them asking and commenting freely, so at the end I made it with my broken voice some steps for the unification of moralists; occupy folks, religious listeners and et all.

I think we all enjoyed literally unity and ended it all up with collective meditation. …. You might be curious to know what we discussed. Hard to remember except my own sayings as I was that anxious of getting those out, but here some things: Prem spoke first about our all type of uniting processes in our movement, collective Master Units, Cooperatives and Neohumanistic schools. Our way of doing things is practical and experimental, and two listeners expressed as well their experiences in cooperatives, which was interesting to hear. Prem also told about the mentality of biostudy professors of concentrating just into main stream beliefs, and lacking openness for grass roots scientists to come up with their wisdom.

Although I have a bit different view, especially from science days - how the scientists and professors are also reaching now into more alternative and spirited type of thinking while the spiritual times are approaching. Interesting was the comment of one brother how the present banking system (lending) is working; money is getting accumulated while same time some people loose it. He also told; by changing oneself one can change a bit also others around.

I admitted and I added; if I teach 1000 people to meditate and those 1000 each of them teach 1000 more, then how fast people will change? Meditation turns people gradually automatically non-materialists. That’s the silent revolution creeping on its toes all over the world (sorry to repeat here it again as you have probably red it so many times, but it is really exiting thing). One sister told how being kind - although the other is yelling, - one can make the other also to calm down.

I tried to convince the listeners, that Prout is not going to take over the country and set up its cooperatives all over Finland, and that’s it - and make common folks ascetics, on basic necessities, but our approach is multidimensional; to increase awareness through education, arts, service, economics, protection of plants and animals etc - and in cooperation with all types of progressive organizations, activists, leftists, greens and spiritualists.

Prem added that majority of people has to be conscious about wanting voluntarily to accept our ideas and come along; we are not going just to do the changes forcefully. And there will be period of adjustment to make the changes gradually.

We discussed also about the role of media suppressing the existence of alien folks and possibility of new almost free and non polluting suppressed energies (i.e zero point, antigravity) - coming soon into utilization. We are not going back to Stone Age and stop consuming due to lack of energy and resources and fear of polluting the planet. Though we should not waste unnecessarily and while we meditate we loose our interest for accumulation.

Google also; Proutscandinavia, Prout in Finnish Social Forum

 Didi Annapurna

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