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Polish plane crash

Speculations going on about Polish plane crash, here gunshots video shown even in FOX and RMN! On the crash place a man takes secretly video, while the soldiers shoot the living plane crash victims. The video has been translated,

ODDITIES: Before the catastrophe, the Polish Tupolev was renovated by two Russian companies. The first belongs to Deripaska, friend of Putin (investigated by the West and mafia suspect). The second firm by Chemezov, a former KGB agent who worked in the 80s in the Germany with Putin. 

In Warsaw’s airport on April 10th, the plane had to be switched because of technical difficulties. In Smolensk Armed Polish security service agents were at the crash site before the first responders. Witnesses to the crash were interrogated by Polish ABW agents: they lodged complaints with the state prosecutor stating they were threatened.

When the Polish airplane was nearing the Smolensk airport, the Russian air traffic controllers performed their missions with Gen Benediktov in Moscow. Is this normal procedure while directing airplanes carrying leaders of foreign countries?

The tree impact that supposedly precipitated the crash wouldn't have caused enough wing damage to down the plane, said Binienda, expert in fracture mechanics, university's civil engineering. Wing would have lopped off the tree top "like a knife," interview by The Plain Dealer, in U.S.

It is not clear where the bodies of the passengers have gone given that the remaining wreckage parts are too small to contain about a 100 bodies.

Dr. Eugene Poteat – previous CIA and National Reconnaissance Office, (secret spy planes): A snapped rivet has been found during post-mortem examination of one of the crash’s victim’s body. Berczynski, a Boeing engineer; torn away rivets prove there was an explosion on board. Scientist, G Szuladzinski PhD, an expert of investigating Parliamentary Committee; the causes of the crash were explosions.

Kazimierz Nowaczyk, a physicist, and Szuladzinski, an expert in blast effects: Two sudden, sharp changes in the jet's altitude, as recorded by its ground-collision warning equipment. An explosion could explain the front portion landed upright while the rear was upside-down. The large amount of debris, "Shrapnel equals explosion, and there was plenty of it."

Independent scientific analysis points to the likely explosion on board of the Polish president's plane. Due to Polish authorities undermining any efforts of independent investigation, scientists are conducting independent research studies regarding the tragedy. RT;

Prosecutors in Poland deny reports that traces of explosives have been found on aircraft remnants. Rzeczpospolita daily editor resigns over scandalous article of explosions.
Russia did not allow Prof Baden, American pathologist, to participate in the autopsies of the victims. The Polish government does not see anything improper about Russia’s investigation.

When in Moscow a group of attorneys offered to represent the victims' relatives, Polish embassy stopped being in touch with them, victims lost their chance to obtain any information concerning the investigation. Source:

Two months before the catastrophe, Turowski was returned to his job at the Polish Ministry of Foreign Affairs – according earlier government documents, he was a communist spy in Poland and worked with Soviet intelligence. During the Smolensk catastrophe, he was at the airport.

SUICIDES: Fligt engineer Muś arrived to Smolensk with the Polish press one hour before the President’s plane crashed. Shortly after the incident, Muś retired from aviation and did suicide. Muś was one of two key witnesses in the case.!

Prosecutor Przybyl criticized media leaks from the ongoing probe into the crash. Then Przybyl told reporters he needed a break and shot himself. Doctors managed to save his life. Parulski accused civilian supervisor of seeking a separate analysis into the work of the military prosecutors and making it public before a court ruling. Parulski said Przybyl had faced numerous threats and stalling other investigations.,

REASONS: “Poland avoided eastern Europe’s worst lending binges (from IMF). Kaczynski frustrated some of his opponents by being in no rush to head towards the euro party. Poland has great gas reserves, is energy independent …  focus for shale gas in all of Europe, says Poland’s Deputy FM on CNN. The Polish economy stood up well in 2008 when much of the rest of Europe suffer from debt crisis.

The Polish central bank said it could instead provide the IMF with a loan to “help other countries overcome global crisis.“ The IMF forecast Polish economy will expand by 2.75 percent this year and by 3.25 percent in 2011.;

Infowars 10.april 2010; Poland to Weaken Currency, Then Die in Plane Crash; If the two events are connected, but their timing is mighty interesting. Also the head of National Bank died. Mail Online: In the New World Order, bad things tend to happen to leaders who aren’t team players.

President's brother J Kaczynski has accused PM Tusk’s government of collaborating with Moscow to cause the crash and of later conniving with Russia to cover up. Former US NSA Brzezinski has criticized the crash discussion, “constant irresponsible nonsense” in Polish politics. Deceased President's brother J Kaczynski described the crash “as an unprecedented crime”

WSI, RUSSIA, vaccinations: Poland refused to use vaccinations. Obama, German leaders and Charles not attending funerals. Russian military was changing lamps, misleading the pilot. Beginning was told that polish airplane tried landing 4 times, later only once. Polish opposition leaders were not in airplane. Jane Burgermeister:

Poland is again run by ex-soviet secret services. Simply post-commies, like Putin's deputy in Poland the current president Komorowski and Merkel’s puppet the PM Tusk successfully operating under the umbrella of liberal-left pro-EU.

After the fall of the Soviet Union, Poland – in the eyes of Moscow – had the nerve to shake off the Russian yoke, enter into NATO, and then choose a pro-western leader - an insult to Russia. The Russians examined the catastrophe, destroying or withholding key pieces of evidence. And after the catastrophe the pro-Russian camp took over the power in Poland.

Fulford: Of course Russia will insist the crash was an accident. Russia was first to recognize the new government in Kyrgystan, anti-Washington D.C. move.
Kaczynski indicated before his death that he would publish a list of 60 agents of the WSI, and he mentioned Donald Tusk, now acting president Komorowski and Sikorski in this connection, having skeletons in their closets. The WSI was disbanded in 2007 for criminal activities. Many of the key people who supported the government of Donald Tusk were former WSI agents.

The homes of many of the plane crash victims were searched by ABW agents just three hours after the plane crash,

Kaczynski’s report contained information on how Germans destroy the Polish coal industry by carbon cap and trade under the pretext of global warming. Putin and Tusk sealed a contract; 100 million euros for Gazprom to deliver gas to Poland even though Poland has its own gas reserves.

Dr. Biskup, Warsaw University: There are many interested groups in politics and business, companies which deal with gas and oil.

RELATED: Lecture in US; A recent public survey found that almost one third of Poles think the accident was the fault of the Russians. 18 percent believe it was intentional.

On autopsy of corpses posted by Karatsouba Seid-Burkhan who tells there was no crash and no fire, a ritual murder.

Andrei Mendierej, the man who filmed the crash scene was stabbed in Kiev and brought to hospital in critical condition, where someone then unplugged him from life support and stabbed 3 times. The Russian government claims this is a coincidence.

OFFICIAL EXPLANATION: Polish plane crash: pilots were not pressured to land.
Officials said transcripts of conversations from inside the cockpit ... said the most compelling explanation for the crash remained pilot error.


Update 2017; Deceased Polish president's twin brother rose to power in 2016. Jaroslaw Kaczynski is now changing many laws in Poland to criminalize abortion and contraception, antagonizing a very Catholic nation against anyone non-white, non-Polish and non-Catholic. He even wants to bring back the death penalty. He's also decided to exhume the bodies of the people who died in the plane crash. What do you think was a cause of the plane crash?

Psychic Focus; I see an image of a pilot. He was under the influence of something that led to poor judgment. I cannot see what he was on. Some kind of prescription medication combined with the altitude fluctuation created "unclear" thinking and poor reaction time. The impaired thinking and inability to react led to the crash.  

The brother does not like the rumors, talk and speculation of the accident. He has a dictator type of feel. He thinks he could make Poland very strong if he had more control. He is working hard to get people to follow him (even through fear). I see Poland going more in that (controlling) direction before a full revolt occurs.

Lots of videos;

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