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No worry altough looks ugly

Lets start with progressive things in Russia (after Stalin): Svetlana village in Russia; Autistic and Down syndrome people work and live together with volunteers, otherwise they would be closed in institutions. Sergei Gratšov; Camphill-movement of antroposofic society with 38 villagers. While Hugo Chavez has new complications in his struggle with cancer

Fulford: The family cabal crumbling down... the key to their loss was the spreading of the truth. MI5: Tony Blair received e 75 million into Belize for signing the EU Treaty of Rome. Mitt Romney has link to Belize, and Bush Nazi faction and their financing of the Euro with stolen Asian gold.... no amount of murders and terror attacks can put the genie back into the bottle.

The obstacles to a new financial system...have been identified as a very few old men (claiming even to work for off-world entities): pope, Obama, and occult organizations. (Some time ago Fulford said Obama bow to White that was it? DA) Some Western elite not only worships Satan, but they actually carry out mass sacrifices. The recent Sandy Hook murder of children is one glaring example...done by multiple gun-men etc.

I.e H Clinton and some military were involved in a mysterious plane crash.( And And

Bushes remain hiding in the hospital, the pope has survived the poisoning attempt and Obama said; "I'm going to be president for the next four years. I hope." And North Korea’s leader Kim Jon-un and Japan anti-cabal government are calling for peace!

A major gold-smuggling operation has been busted in mid-play at the Russian-Chinese border according to a report here. During the inspection of his car, “the police found and seized 75 kilos of alluvial gold worth 13.5 million rubles [$440,000],” the ministry said. This is the second major smuggling attempt in the area over the past week.

Amongst 50 of their predictions for 2013,; Away from the U.S. dollar to the new world currency.  EU will find “radical solutions” that will surprise many analysts. More people than ever will understand what “derivatives” are. Another new wave of “tent cities”and major drought in the US, crop failures in some countries food riots, civil unrest. More genetically-modified foods, people start reject them more. Gallon of gasoline will be lower. As violence in schools worse, more Americans families home school their children. CNN to horrifying new lows. Truly jaw-dropping violence by parents against their own children in 2013. There will be more war in the Middle East in 2013. Volcanic eruptions and earthquakes along the Ring of Fire. Giant sinkholes more all over the US and all over the globe. The peak of the solar cycle, problems for satellite communications.Political correctness” in ridiculous new heights during 2013, rebel against. Shocking political scandals in Washington, high profile resignations.

In forties tsunami bomb was invented by US and New Zealand. Tests were made and it worked, but never used!!! Who would believe. Fulford et at least claiming that Fukushima was nuked with tsunami. (Google also: "Journalist Accuses Israel of Fukushima Sabotage") ”Project Seal”, Telegraph; 3700 bombs went of, Tsunami bomb' tested off New Zealand coast, designed to destroy coastal cities. Mr Waru reveals other unusual findings from the archives including Defence Department records of thousands of UFO sightings, including drawings of flying saucers, descriptions of aliens wearing "pharaoh masks" and examples of extraterrestrial writing.

PROJECT CAMELOT short cut: GE - LIBOR - Next stop NYC? In following the trail from Aurora to the Sikh shootings to Sandy Hook it seems to be leading us in the direction of "Gotham". If you have seen the maps from the Batman Movie "The Dark Knight Rises", both Aurora and Sandy Hook were clearly marked on the map. See map of Gotham: According the movie; Gotham (NYC) free energy weapon hidden underground which is turned into a bomb and detonated...Those in power positions want to "disappear" evidence contained in digital financial records.... destroy the servers where such records are kept, and chaos would be the result... a financial standstill or RESET that would be unprecedented. Libor scandal worldwide, fixing interest rates by the 16 largest banks...

Effort to reset that out of chaos bringing the NWO? The Sandy Hook death of the son of a GE tax director (Peter Lanza) 20, being turned into a manchurian assassin, (Sleepers" who are being manipulated to carry out acts... Holmes was drugged in his car after the event).  Connection to BLACK PROJECTS.. and highly secret space program. War for control over energy and the right to issue currency....killings in order to secure their silence. Potential whistleblowers to step forward and say enough.
Norway shootings, and Gaby Gifford case as well. Google: "Gordon Duff, Press TV/Veteran's Today articles.
CNNMoney; "The men are the first to be sentenced on municipal bond proceeds by some of Wall Street's biggest firms, including BoA, JPMorgan and UBS.", GE -- article.

This article, World News Tomorrow in South Africa, regarding GE: Super Conductor Diamonds [used] in directed energy beams. The “Star Wars”. ‘Death Ray”myth confirmed by CIA operatives and installed on some US Navy ships...De Beers in 1981; these synthetic diamonds owned by De Beers and GE USA, advanced super conductor technology for the US Military since the  late 70′s...." 

Preparations being made to go underground by the PTB...
Hurricane Sandy done to provide a cover for the electronic transfer of massive funds.

Ure; Washington Post story that "Obama, Senate Republics reach agreement on 'fiscal cliff'": This only kicks the can down the road for a couple of months - to March 1st. Could that set up conditions for an "Everything bad, all at once" period in March, in predictive linguistics?  And the crapstorm of spring 2013, "This Changing World" report ?  Someone comment; "It's such a huge relief to know we aren't going over the "FISCAL CLIFF ". Now we can all breathe a huge sigh of relief and party another year of plunging down the tracks without any breaks on the train...Titanic USA. Happy New Year!

Facebook and you risk your account being disabled or deleted.


Guns and bombs, titles from; Obama Would Disarm Americans During National Emergency....Indian Women Turn to Guns After Gang Rape Outcry ...Obama Planning Gun Control For A Long Time...North Carolina Police; Plans For Martial Law In 2013...Hollywood Actors Want to Ban Your Guns... ‘Tsunami bomb’ tested off New Zealand coast. And how it looks told by “DHS Insider”...deception took place, Obama got back into office.... The coming collapse of the U.S. dollar. Plans by White House, Jarret for DHS, TSA. Federal funds flowing out to municipal police. DHS turning the police into soldiers. TSA to respond to civil uprisings when there is a financial panic, spring?... derivatives crisis... Now if it does not happen, it’s because there are real patriots, who prevent this. But DHS is prepositioning storage depots, armories, FEMA camps, leased storages. Travel restrictions, TSA in charge. Gun confiscation laws... That's why Sandy Hook and more shootings possibly. Lists for vocal opponents... Resistance outgunned; chaos, hunger. Global thing too. ATM and EBT cards will stop working. US will be divided by Obama. I saw map of N-America without borders, done this year for 2015...US cut up into economic sectors. Big star on Denver. Revolution and a civil war...?. Obamacare for reshaping of things, centralized control, records. Using internet to ruin people, to call idiots. Watch fiscal cliff, metals. The Hagmann & Hagmann Reportman, and Northeast Intelligence Network.

When things seem falling apart, it is at the same time the beginning of new...We all take risks to expose and bring out the other side of story which the news seldom, although increasingly bring out. But only critisizing will not change things, we should also take actions to change thigs better, give faith, inspire and suggest new solutions, Sarkar was super in that.

Sarkar: However lowly a person may be, he can become great by his determination.

By the way Happy New Year!

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