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More, more predictions for 2013

Jessica Adams, Australian Women’s Weekly, Cosmopolitan. Jan 7-13; 2013 starts the edge of an US Fiscal Cliff until June. 2012 was dominated by banks and corporations, – trying to dominate the rest of us. Now it’s time for a new order, under way by 18th Jan, before 9.00 am in London - perfect for the British government and the stock exchange, and setting up a day of change all over the world. This week we are going to see some very big names or institutions start being cut down to size. (Filed Jan 7th -13).

Nov 2012 eclipse for Scorpions; Joe Biden, H Clinton, Petraeus, Obama and British royals has repercussions into Jan-Febr 2013. Scorpions are predators. They can kill or paralyse, but out of the death or paralysis comes new world. On a global level, the paralysis will be financial, the share markets.

Mothers radical in the second half of 2013 and first half of 2014 and will change the world. Guns versus grandmothers? Their grandchildren are at risk and they will be as mad as hell. March and April 2013, rifles will be in big red headlines. Then Matriarchy is back. Moving back home with grandparents; students, unemployed people. Global media and internet detox between Febr and June, new achievements. Instagram? In 2013, people will demand their face back from Facebook. 10th May will put the squeeze on Google's status, which affects the web.

See also In 2013 Wikileaks big political powerbroker on the world stage. The global events of the next ten years similar to 1930's; global deflation, massive unemployment, economic depression, social unrest., 3rd world war with the help of weapons obtained from other divine worlds. Even women will take part in this war. Mainly in Asia but most effects Europe and Muslim nations. War will be kept ablaze by China...countries of the world will request India to intervene. Only then will peace prevail.
Web bot predicts total collapse starting from Dec 21 and ending June 2013: Gobal coastal event is likely to happen before June of 2013. And a hero will arise, July 2013, retired, wealthy, Asian wrestler, “taming the rowdy” with “gentleness.” He then organizes the thousands [of survivors] to build bridges of rubble, to rescue injured, and evacuate from the danger.
India will lead world revolution; Education will change drastically; to sympathize with servants and lower society and serve poor. People will yearn for world welfare instead of salvation. Vedic science and research; geology, Yantras, minerals, magnetism... under the leadership of India. True religion and soul sciences. Instead of building temples of God, rehabilitation centers and awakening world humanity. A lot of love. Indians shall design such planes that shall emit no smoke. Contact with dead people. (source?)

Vimsottari Dasa, India; The government of UPA2 will collapse till August 2013. Astrologer Sushil Kumaar Singh; politicians in sex scandals. Rapid change in politics after May, arrogance of highest level. Till june 2013 situation will worsen; in media, business and trade and entertainment sector. Scandals. Bad for B.JP and Congress. Hurdles for Rahul Gandhi, till Nov 2013 questioning his intellect.

And The year 2013 will be a year of major upheaval and deconstruction for the EU, having devastating effect on the world economy including India. Bejan Daruwalla; 2013 a complete upheaval and collapse of the old structure. Sept 2013 either dissolution or rebirth of EU. Ron Berger, from Jan 2011; economic reckoning set for 2013.

Douglas Parker, from 2011: the economic disaster clear to see and overwhelming worldwide: China; The next decade will be serious psychological problems caused by an economic crisis, with massive natural disasters. Forced leadership change in 2012. Australia;; The Great Depression of 2012-13. April 2013 similar to 1929 - 1930. Almost warzone conditions. Illegal immigrants, political issue. Japan; The next 5-7 years very bad economically. US; 2016 potential threat of bankruptcy. In 2013-15 serious trade union, education, military, health and public service troubles. Illegal immigration overwhelming. Italy; until 2018 danger of drowning in debt. The status battering. 2011-14, opposition strong in parliament, and government “out of control”. Scandals, drugs, alcoholism, troubles with trade unions, welfare workers and the public service. Germany: due to foreign nations 2010-2020 bleak time economically. 2013-16 overwhelmed with worries and anxieties due to over-commitment.

The New York Times, book; “When Prophecy Fails,” Back in the 1950 s three social psychologists joined a cult that was predicting the imminent end of the world. When the world did not end on schedule, they found; failure of a prophecy does not cause true believers — to reconsider - they become even more fervent, and proselytize even harder. 

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