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Irradia couple

One of the most strange stories: Ziria and Radium, Irradia couple from Russia; Ziria claim: Russian journalists distorting the facts; http://www.mk.ru/moscow/article/2012/10/19/763715-moskvich-radiy-prones-radiatsiyu-cherez-vsyu-svoyu-zhizn.html And http://www.baltinfo.ru/2012/10/18/Iz-kvartiry-moskvicha-Radiya-izyato-300-kilogrammov-radioaktivnykh-otkhodov-311316http://mir24.tv/news/incidentes/5819761.

According Russian newspaper, www.mk.ru: Oct 19, 2012, Muscovite Radium Bershetskogo, who held 300 kg of various radioactive items at home, will have to answer for his hobbies before the law. According to Bershetskogo mother, in 2008 the Bershetskogo found a benign tumor of the thyroid gland and underwent surgery. But the disease from time to time made itself felt. And mother argues that using radioactive items he was trying to get rid of the disease.

If you want to get some kind of idea about the Irradia couple, see this transcript; http://2012indyinfo.com/2013/01/17/ziria-irradia-couple-from-russia-project-camelot/. Or radio: http://projectcamelotportal.com/kerr...monday-9am-pst.

Ziria, tells that they have repeatedly eaten and touched "bare hands" radiation sources even of 60000 Curie (Cobalt 60), 3840 Curie (Iridium 192), 400 Curie (Tuliy170), 300 Curie (Tseziy137). Such sources of radiation can cause radiation burns within a few hours of exposure for a normal person, and further imminent death or necrosis and amputation. Instead they have intolerance for vitamins, hormones, amino acids, proteins and lipids - and cannot get the vital energy from organic food. “The more radioactive isotopes in the berry, the better are the symptoms of poisoning...after the body of it squeezes the most out.” (???)

“By sense of touch, we feel each quantum collapse in the palms and around the body, which is directlyproportional to the Radiation dose”. While the Russian secret service found their “food” storage of radio-active materials, they also found their "cookbook of recipes from the radioactive isotopes and - they stole it!!

This couple went to donate blood, and got analysis of their blood: which show symptoms of radiation sickness and cancer markers. But Ziria claims their blood is just different from the normal human blood. The doctors describe the blood; 1. Polychromatophilia, young red blood cells stained with alkaline and acid dyes. Red blood cells - no red color. She gets her “iron” for hemoglobin from uranium-235, the blood is reflecting green light. Anisocytosis, blood corpuscles sizes are different from normal. 3. Poikilocytosis, the shape of red blood cells are very different from the normal.

They eat heavy alkali metals (Cesium, Rubidium, Lutetium, etc, and drinks cesium hydroxide - a strong alkaline; http://non-standard-methods.blogspot.com/2012/09/non-standard-methods-of-obtaining.html.
She needs pound of uranium oxide per month. "Our lungs are receptive to all inert gases. I can
easily breathe a hundred percent concentration of radon".

Her blog: http://vk.com/irradia. Zirius predicts: I see big shifts in the Earth’s crust, high tides and tsunamis. This year there will be an activation of the gravitational effects of the moon on the Earth. Spring of 2013, the activity of water. In the summer of 2013, the activity of fire: drought in summer, strong activity of the Sun and increased level of cosmic radiation. Three large volcanoes going to become active, around the world. Cosmic phenomena in August 2013: meteors, large celestial bodies to earth. Severe storms (air) in the tropical regions and another accident at a nuclear facility in Iran. As for the military-political situation, worsening conflict in the Middle East. Activation of a new terrorist group. World revolution and the collapse of religion in the world by end of 2013. Information channel with the Earth’s biosphere openimg up, revolution peaking 2015.

Now see also Keshe Foundation, and the use of plasma reactors for medical applications; multiple core models tested, a specific prototype for each illness. These reactors are for specific magnetic field configuration of the organ(s) to be treated using plasma concepts. Solar systems and planets are all made up of SEPMAF Fields. Illness is related to imbalances in the body's SEPMAF's.

(1) The plasma reactor imparts specific electromagnetic frequencies to patient's drinking water. Electromagnetic radiation can be "tuned" depending on the state of the body, which its 65% of water. (2) Similarly can add electromagnetic frequencies to air. When the patient inhales it, the energies replace losses. 3) A plasma reactor can be turned to certain points on the body and alter the body’s energy levels...results are encouraging; prostate cancer, MS patients, Epileptic, paraplegic, Parkinson patients, coma (Glasgow 3). M.r. Keshe is telling that the human body is very adaptable, possible to live without oxygen. Discussion: http://forum.keshefoundation.org/showthread.php?1190-The-Benifits-of-Radiation-for-the-IRRADIA-Couple-from-Russia-what-are-your-thoughts.
IRRADIA Couple from RussiaYouTube. And; https:/  /www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.141471615997828.41934.100004049716951&type=3 .
When I listened to Ziria's interview I made several observations; They had at least radio-active materials at home, according newspapers. So eating and using it, is probably true also. Ziria says by the way: I remember being born in Chernobyl.
How they could tolerate so highly radio-active materials? I find several possible explanations. First of all if you have seen articles of those animals which were staying near Chernobyl after the leakage. Scientists found that the animals which survived the initial expose, developed tolerance for radiation. Interestingly, and related perhaps, Wilcock mentions that when scientists exposed the frog eggs to laser radiation, then the frog babies became salamanders (or was it opposite). He says that human DNA is also changing due to cosmic radiation.
Second thing as I have been in contact of many mentally sick people, paranoid etc. Their body and mind is so separated (their mind get very high), that somehow what ever they eat doesn't seem to affect them. I have seen them eating incredible huge amounts of cakes, leather etc and once highly alkaline washing liquid, but didn't see them causing any kind of problem. Mentally sick people seem to have often also paranormal capacities; they see into future, hear and see matters from long distance etc, etc. I remember one schizophrenic who could see often what I was doing alone in closed room, and to see people coming to visit before they came etc.
Seems Ziria and Radium might have symptoms of mental sickness, probably due to serious traumas they have gone through. But on the other hand, even if people reach higher mental states due to spiritual practices, they tend to be seen by normal people as crazy, and they also develop ability to see, hear and feel “beyond”. Craziness and spirituality has some common features. Although spiritual people's mind is controlled, but 'crazy' people are unbalanced and their abilities are fluctuating. Also spiritual people usually tolerate well their conditions and people around, but Ziria seems to get into conflicts with people around, besides being embittered of the past.
What often happens with sick people is that person can be in very high state and have strong faith that she can eat what ever, but when the person starts to recover from her mental disease, then in one weak moment, she gets doubt about her ability and comes crashing down. The air doesn't anymore carry her, the strange food stuff starts to cause problems, etc.
In video interview Ziria is looking around like in heightened awareness state, also she states very strange things, (partly it might be because of her poor english). Then what comes that she feels OK when she eats radioisotopes, but soon looses her 'energy' – I think when you are addicted to something, it is the same; I.e alcohol makes you to feel OK, but when it is finished, one feels sick. Might be the same with radiation and other strange mess what they eat.
MK Ultra and Montauk projects made people to stand such a torments, that the mind slipped out of body and they could time travel, remote view etc, Ziria seems to have being doing that also, while having tortured either physically or mentally. She says that we have to learn to tolerate radio-activity, x- and gamma rays, as more and more are reaching into earth in the future. Sarkar also said that if our mind is strong and we are ideating positive way, spiritually, then atmospheric radiation will not harm us. He said also that yoga asanas will be very helpful for the body to stand space travelling. Further Sarkar mentions that in the future we will invent weapons which will neutralize nuclear bombs. But on the other hand he emphasized very strict sentient diet, because static food including meat, chemicals, mushrooms etc will affect our body and mind negative way and also we would not be able to do meditation.
Ziria seems to also have tolerating attitudes towards so called Illuminati, but not for terrorists; Illuminaties have not done anything bad to me”. I would say that what about, if they have done bad to others?... It is our duty to see that injustice and criminal acts wouldn't happen whether by Illuminati or terrorists. Besides she adores HAARP etc.
She is concentrating now on moving to US, which might be a bit utopistic idea. How is she going to survive there? Where she can get her radio-active food? Besides the gun control might bring social unrest... economic crises deepen etc, but she might get more publicity and scientists to explore here capacities.By the way if one eats radio-active food, could expect to radiate it around so that it would be dangerous to others near by???
Ziria; "Why do I say it in my profile that my political alliances are Illuminati? Lucifer [will] manifest on Earth. Lucifer not in a religious sense of the word, but in the real true meaning, which means “light bringer.”
Interestingly Wilcock mentions that when the scientists exposed the frog eggs to laser radiation, then the frog babies became salamanders. He says that human DNA is also changing due to cosmic radiation. So radiation seems to mutate also as we have heard from Chernobyl.
Chernobyl: The idea that the world’s biggest radioactive wasteland could become Europe’s largest wildlife sanctuary is completely counterintuitive for anyone raised on nuclear dystopias: http://www.slate.com/articles/health_and_science/nuclear_power/2013/01/wildlife_in_chernobyl_debate_over_mutations_and_populations_of_plants_and.
Ten years after the disastrous nuclear accident at the Chernobyl power plant in the Ukraine, scientists report finding inherited genetic damage in people exposed to the fallout. According to Georgy Lepnin, a Belarusian physician who worked on reactor; “approximately 100,000 liquidators are now dead”, of a total number of one million workers. According to Vyacheslav Grishin of the Chernobyl Union, the main organization of liquidators; total of 60,000 liquidators dead (10% of the 600 000) and 165,000 disabled in Ukraine, Belarus and Russia. A UNSCEAR report places the total confirmed deaths from radiation at 64 as of 2008. – Wikipedia http://www.complex.com/pop-culture/2012/05/gallery-the-15-freakiest-mutants-in-movies.
Present-day Prypiat is deserted—well, except for the homicidal, mutated quasi-humans who make visitors’ live nightmarish; http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZRrBU2rF-2s

The myths; Ten myths about the Chernobyl disaster

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