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Wilcock; Twin sun and Quantum jump

Wilcock shortly; He thinks that our sun (solar system) is orbiting a companion star, brown-dwarf, possibly invisible, which create the 25, 900 cycle, ending up into spiritual awakening.

Walter Cruttenden book "Lost Star of Myth and Time", explains "the binary solar system model."
The mainstream scientists have made the "earth wobble" theory – which is meant to explain the irregularity, the precession. But the rate of annual precession appears to be increasing, so is the difference between the Sidereal Year and the Solar Year (precession) due to the Sun's orbit about another body, and not the wobble?

Sun has very little angular momentum compared to the other planets. Accoring Cruttenden if we count on the binary orbit shared with another star, then the missing angular momentum shows up in the Sun as expected.

The Cycle of Cosmic Catastrophes: We have also heard stories how some large body disturbs the Oort cloud and sends off comets. In a binary star system, both stars oscillate towards and then away from each other, while spinning around center of gravity, bringing Golden Age...but in order to get there we may have to pass through a comet shower.

Accorind NASA 80 percent of the stars in our galaxy are binary stars. Any solar system that has planets with third-density life would be orbiting a companion star for 25,920 years, according to the Law of One series (L of O). The Mayan Calendar cycle length 5,125 years cuts the 25,900 circle into five sections.

Also Dr. Thompson, (Byrd Polar Research Center) is suggesting that the climate was altered suddenly and severely ab 5,200 years ago. Thompson believes it may have been caused by a dramatic fluctuation in solar energy reaching the earth; first dropped and then surged over a short period. But it would be even more dramatic now at the end of the entire 25,920-year cycle, because we are also entering into other alignments at the same time.

The L of O says; individuals will be 'finding the gateway to intelligent infinity.' So on have to work for it, in order to jump into fourth density. Graham Hancock's book: over 30 different ancient cultures had Golden Age prophecy in their myths.

In 2008, crop circle in Southern England described the Mayan Calendar end-date. They drew a second circle, almost equal, which suggests that an entirely new (density) solar system may be forming. And we may be moving into a new non biological life form. Surprisingly the Sun was widened all the way out to Venus, which could mean that the size of sun is increasing, and it is expected to brighten also.

NASA's documents are proving that the Sun, and every planet in our solar system, are going through huge energetic changes, as well Earth, but they hide the synthesis. This "fourth density" event, is according L of O series; a "final movement of vibratory matter... through quantum leap", the "Harvest" event of present time. Fourth density means ie telepathy, - so can't lie, cheat, bully or dishonor anyone, and s going to be 100 times speedy to grow spiritually,"burn off karma" and - reach the Rainbow Body; Witnesses report that after several days of saint's death, the bodies disappear and rainbows appear in the sky. According Catholic Father Tiso and Chinese military sources, there is migration into rainbow body going on since time immemorial, especially in Tibet and India.

Quantum leap suppose to happen "approximately 30 years" after 1981. Wilcock has been bombarded with hundreds of dreams suggesting the downfall of the Illuminati... The patriotic elements of the US military has problems to reveal ongoings with ETs, stargates and anti-gravity spacecrafts. Our Sun orbiting a "brown dwarf" and generating geometric energy waves that structure and drive the orbits of the planets in our own solar system. The big secret is that "dark matter," "dark energy", etc - creating matter - has fluidlike properties, is Source Field. Universe is made of living, conscious energy that behaves like a fluid.

" All of 3,300 ancient structures, pyramids etc, were built directly on the Global Grid, created by the vibrations of the Sun. The 12 basic "vortex points" of Global Grid open up during alignments and conjunctions and function as "natural stargates", portals, that can cause ships and planes to vanish.

"Interestingly, a very highly-placed insider said there is a Jupiter-sized planet orbiting, colonized by the "Annunaki", Orion Confederacy. Masonic Order, calls companion "Black Sun."They have hinted that Nibiru would cross by Earth, and cause a pole shift - from 2003 to 2013. But Wilcock thinks strong gravitational forces would repel any such large object. This push-pull explains why the planets do not run out of angular momentum and crash into the Sun, being held in place - by geometric energy fields, as Martineau documented.

 Wilcock's broadcast has been in Russian Ren TV. See entire article etc in
Sarkar also speaks also about galloping jump and some kind of “fourth density” - mental world in 1990: History moves in rhythmic waves – in a systaltic flow. It moves and moves, then there is a galloping jump...All of sudden there are galloping jumps – epoch-making eras. We are now at the threshold of this jump. We are not only at the threshold, we have just crossed the threshold of new era... You should be ready for great changes, otherwise balance will be lost... Before and after this jump there is biological change, historical change, agricultural change and human psychic change... climatic conditions undergo a certain gigantic metamorphosis...nerve cells and nerve fibres will be changed...

In the gradual process of evolution... physical strength (of animals) is fast being metamorphosed into psychic vitality... This will be true of plants also...In this way the whole universe will gradually become predominantly mental... Human beings, too, will gradually become totally transformed into completely different creatures: their psychic development will greatly increase, and they will engage themselves in the pursuit of higher knowledge and more and more psycho-spiritual pursuits.

The skin of buffaloes is very thick and the amount of hair on their bodies is less, but the skin of cows is thin and there is more hair on their bodies. This indicates that they are comparatively evolved. So the change in the psychic sphere brings about a corresponding change in the physical sphere as well. And thus in the process of evolution at present, living beings are more physical than psychic, but in the future they will become more psychic than physical.

So in this phase of introversial movement, when crude physicality is being transmuted into psychic, we can expect that the day is sure to come when the whole world will move from the subtle psychic realm and cross the threshold of the still more subtle spiritual world...will not be in the distant future.

This eternal game of Parama Puruśa; matter is converted into mind, and mind into consciousness, and finally unit consciousness into Supreme Consciousness...The microcosms emerge from Him and finally merge back into Him.

A glow-worm is a bright object, but you can hardly see it on a full-moon night, for the moon dims its radiance. The moon is very bright, but during the day you cannot see it properly, for the sun pales its brightness. The sun is the brightest object in the solar system, but His effulgence outshines even the sun’s radiance. If you cannot see even the sun with your bare eyes, imagine what a tremendous amount of sádhaná is necessary to see Him. The light of all other entities is the mere reflection of His effulgence. All are lighted with His light; with His Radiance...

As a result of collision with a falling meteor, deviation of orbit sometimes occurs, or can occur. As a result of this deviation of orbit it is natural that a change occurs in the daily or yearly motion as well. In the last few thousand years certainly, and even in the last few hundred years, it is only natural that the earth’s daily and yearly motion has undergone some change, thus it is incumbent upon the astrophysicists that they recalculate the exact time of the earth’s daily and yearly cycles each year, or if this is not possible then at least every few years.

The astrologers used to calculate the degree of angular position of the sun in detail with the help of the reckoner. Even today, the reckoner is used...The sun is changing its course, and the stars and planets are also changing their courses... The sidereal calendar may also be adjusted. So the reckoner system will not suffice at all times...astrologers consult the marine almanac and follow the course of the flow-tide and ebb-tide.

If the earth has not moved around the sun, or the moon around the earth, or if the stars and planets had not followed their respective movements, time would never have existed.

I have told you that you are never alone in this world – the Entity that guides the stars guides you also.

So your future is bright – not only bright, but guaranteed. A new spiritual life free from all sorts of dogma is sure to come in the near future... Let the speed of His introversial thinking be accelerated by your noble actions and by your spiritual pursuits. Let that golden day come at the earliest and make your life effulgent.
I didn't find even one word from Sarkar about twin suns. 

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