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Predictions for 2013

Roubini believes the U.S. economy will slow further next year as expectations of the “fiscal cliff” keep spending and growth lower. The fiscal cliff could knock 4.5 percent off 2013 growth if all tax cuts and transfer payments were allowed to expire and spending cuts where triggered, according to Roubini.
The problems in the euro zone, a slowdown in China and emerging markets, added to the chance that oil prices could be driven higher by tensions over Iran’s nuclear program, will also add to America’s economic woes, Roubini argued. He warned the Fed will not be able to ride to the rescue this time.
“The U.S. Federal Reserve will carry out more quantitative easing this year, but it will be ineffective: long-term interest rates are already very low...” he wrote. “Indeed, the credit channel is frozen with banks hoarding... excess reserves. Moreover, the dollar is unlikely to weaken as other countries also carry out quantitative easing.” And if the U.S. starts to sneeze again, the rest of the world — its immunity already weakened by Europe’s malaise and emerging countries’ slowdown — will catch pneumonia,” he warned. Expect Dow 15,000 By End of 2013 (CNBC)

Psychic Prediction for World in 2013, by Vine Psychic - 4th December 2012. She is seeing visions, guided down to the ocean seabed...under earth’s crust....witnessing an energetic pulsing with suction movement... and volcanic heat...causing a large earth movement and then new land appearing. She thinks earth is altering its geological constitution around the ocean floor.

World leaders to immediately respond to catastrophic rising flood waters... Pakistan, India and the surrounding countries...also other parts of the world in the year 2013.

Large holes, she thinks ozone layer, or some other aspect... with gaping holes...some kind of chemical engineering in the atmosphere causing foaming around the ozone layer, but it will not help long. And suddenly volcano erupt and explode releasing lava into the ocean in Chile at sunset.

DNA changes, people will begin to associate with their spiritual essence, but emotionality will increase because of the mind changing so dramatically. Young children are becoming addicted to computer and have aggressive reactions and early dementia.

More environmental scientific evidence coming up how the eco-system is declining where there is mining, deforestation and the overuse of resources. Like Atlantis our planet is losing the magnetism, but world's scientists and zoo's are trying to change the course.

We are getting out of consumerism, and continual economic growth. In 2013 new economics and more national cooperation.

2013 PREDICTIONS BY BETSEY; Posted Dec13, 2012: Former U.S. president dies in 2013, possibly Bush senior. Neptune in Pisces; bring more spiritual world, people seeking truth and justice. Ecological changes, seas and waters - more tsunamis, oil spills, boating accidents. The leaders of the world are wolves in sheep clothing, with big plans for us in 2013 - chaos and more of our rights taken away. Many become vegetarians when prices soar. Catholic Church - revelation about the Fatima prophecies; children’s vision of an apocalypse. A startling revelation on 9-11. Cosmic solar event—power grid goes down in N-Hemisphere. Syria - closer to World War III. Egypt’s Morsi will fall. N-Korea launch a missile at S-Korea. More UFOs, strange clouds and spirals, a warning for 2013. Weather extremes, winter strangest. Noises from the earth’s core as earth shifts. Scandals with financial institutions, gas prices fall early spring, and then rises due to events in the Mideast. More methane gas from the ocean and many earth creatures die mysteriously. NASA; stunning statement ab Mars - March 2013. Digging underground facilities due to solar event. CERN announce time travel possible.  Breakthroughs with cancer, MS etc. 

THE FUTURIST Magazine Forecasts for 2013, Posted on Oct 9, 2012, Futuring, meant as conversation starters. 1. Neuroscientists may predict what you’ll do before you do it. World Trends & Forecasts. Future cars will become producers of energy. Tomorrow in Brief. SUNY ecological engineers; leftover foods to feed a tank of fish, and then the fish waste for growing vegetables. Tomorrow in Brief. After 2020, commericial "adventure capitalists" fly to transcontinental destinations within hours. “The New Age of Space Business”. Robots will become gentler caregivers in the next 10 years. Tomorrow in Brief. Noise vibrations and other "junk" energy to power our gadgets. Georgia Tech, microwave energy into DC power...And Surajit Sen: vibrations produced on roads and airport runways as energy sources. World Trends & Forecasts. A "breathalyzer” early detection of infections microbes. Handheld device to detect a range of risks. Tomorrow in Brief, THE FUTURIST Outlook 2006 through 2012, 400 forecasts relating to 2013 and beyond: Patrick Tucker
Some astrologist: China new policies and leads world’s economy. Developing countries, especially Africa. Fires and drought; Australia, S-America and Africa. West; distrust among countries. N-Europe and Canada well economically. Breakthroughs in medical research.

Japan well economically, but natural disasters, political turmoil, electronic businesses influenced, recalls of automobiles.  S-Europe and Middle East adjustments, but no bubbles, the most volatile region in the world. Leakage with nuclear power.  Politics; changes of leaderships – big swings in the stock market. World issues related to oil and energy. Business involving “earth, metal or water” well.

Food problems, but food business well. New material for airplanes and automobiles. Conflicts between S and – N-Korea less. Economically, Russia would do well

INDIA natural disasters, growth to about 3%. USA’s economy stumbling; deficit burden. CANADA benefit from immigrants, from China and Middle East. EUROPE even Germany and France would run into trouble. Many countries’ leadership into great tests.

Many natural disasters and irregular weather patterns, record year for earthquakes. Contagious illnesses related to the respiratory system, new forms of sickness; Tibet, China, Spain and Portugal. 

A leading Indian scientist Vasudev Moolrajani confirmed NASA; terrific Solar Flare may come in the year 2013 "comparison of 1859. With severe earthquake, typhoon, flood, volcano between 10 Feb to 25 March, and in 22 April to 25 May, due to weak gravitation and air pressure produced by 7 planets; Sun, Moon, Mars, Mercury, Jupiter, Saturn, due to sending of weak repulsion power to the earth." But he said that there will be no any accident through small planets striking earth between 2182 - 2200. His previous prediction of calamities proved true. Calculation of Mayan Calendar is wrong dated, instead of the year 2012, the year 2013 is more dangerous bringing lot of calamities. Moolrajani,

GEOMANCY: Came true last year: Olympic victories for Jess Ennis, Mo Farah, Katherine Grainger and Alistair Brownlee correctly. 2013 is a year of conservation, rebuilding and changes. The year would begin with many uncertainties but end up on a high tune. It would bring the world to extremities – good or bad. China would lead the economy. West; economic instabilities. The Eurozone crises more; unemployment and industrial unrest. The London Mayor and EU will continue to haunt David Cameron, while Middle East will dominate everything. President Assad will finally go, but not before May. Netanyahu will be reelected in Israel and his patience with Iran may finally snap. Obama will fail to push for Middle East peace. America goes up in arms. Obama must negotiate new gun laws. Final push for truth and justice

The worse case scenario by Natural news:  2013 will go down in history as the year of global insanity. The global debt collapse arrives. Extreme shortages of guns, ammo, magazines etc. Tactical weapon strikes target Iran, flag attack carried out in USA and blamed on patriots. DHS arms the TSA; abuse  on roadway checkpoints. Secret resistance groups begin to form, government seizes websites. The rise of violent rhetoric among the population due to threats. Global government makes its move. Accelerated mainstream media attacks on patriots, preppers and veterans. Disagreement with the government characterized a "mental disorder". Continued rise in unemployment, food stamps. Government outlaws ammo storage of private citizens. Riots in the streets, followed by Martial Law. Deliberate food shortages used as a weapon of government control. Weather becomes even more radicalized. Solar flares threaten communications.

Some predictions from Sarkar (but notice these are not only for 2013). In 1983, Sarkar started talking about the end of Communism. Later; "Communism is a matter-centred philosophy and it is dead. Now the bell is ringing for the self-centred philosophy - Capitalism.

Sarkar said that "the worst sufferer will be the Arab countries." (Lets speculate: All Petro-Dollars are either deposited in western banks or in their stocks or real estate. If these collapse. Suddenly the Arabs, oil wealth is wiped out. Secondly reduced demand and prise war of oil will drop the prise very low... Having no other source of income and depending on imports...).

This coming collapse of capitalism may strengthen fundamentalism, who blame the West for all their troubles. They may be able to take over power in many countries. Sarkar has said - The Islamic world will be engulfed in war within themselves and with outside societies. This will bring about the end of Islam. (also other religions will die, but spirituality will rise). He has also predicted the involvement of China in this wider conflict.

He also spoke about "revolutionary psychic changes" taking place far greater than when Communism collapsed. 'When Cosmic Mind will think that the time for establishing spiritual philosophy has come, then all the unit minds will also start thinking accordingly'.

Sarkar told in 1977 that there will be also massive man-made and natural calamities where millions of people die. After people will follow the path of Dharma (spirituality). 'The spiritual people will lead the society. It will be a spiritual world.'

After capitalism and communism are gone, the Muslims will rule over the world for a very short time. Then the new era will evolve. When these two economic theories fail, Prakrti does not like a vacancy. So PROUT will fill up the gap.

There are not enough good people to fight the battle, so the battle is now the battle of the evils, going to destroy themselves. Sarkar said, that don't choose sides in the conflict because that battle is not of us.I think soon this battle of evils is over and there are more moral forces rising up. "Unite the moralists" said Sarkar.
And how the predictions come true:
Maine psychic medium Vicki Monroe offered predictions for 2012, with good results. Sun Journal asked for 2013, she said spirits see a fiscal cliff averted, good gas prices. Congress will deal with gun control. “Manufacturing jobs should pick up as well”. Etc. But Several well-known psychics failed mightily: Mitchell Coombes, The Morning Show, picked Romney over Obama, as did Sylvia Browne, Larry King Live. Joyce Hevenly, The 100 Top Psychics in America, suppose to be $2000 an ounce gold highest (but was 1800) and $130 a barrel oil. Joyce backed Obama. ”Psychic To The Stars” Nikki was betting heavily on destruction for 2012. Mexico City would be wiped off by earthquake and plane would crash into the White House, incorrect. James Randi, offering a “one-million-dollar prize to anyone who can show evidence of any supernatural, or occult power.”
Remote viewers expect some great catastrophes on June 2013, meteors, floodings etc. Courtney Brown explaining his remote viewing experiments and results: Courtney and Kerry Cassidy; . And meteor strikes, poverty, tsunamis and volcanic eruptions... Storms and solar radiation. Excessive floodings. Massive relocations. Breakdown of rescues, food supply and transit system. Then The Year Of Oppression And Insanity in the USA. Survival seed vault, and barter with seeds. Why 2013 year of crisis – And Prophecies, Dreams

Upton Sinclair, American political writer: Does the Standard Model of physics really explain how the Universe works? The Large Hadron Collider will not give the answer. These questions will be solved by the unification of Quantum Physics and Gravitation, “The Grand Unified Theory”. There is a nice Latin term: “Modus Tollens”. This means: knowledge based on observation. This is the proper way how science should be done.

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